Skin Whitening Treatment Cost in Dubai

Having skin whitening treatment at a dermatologist’s office is a worth it investment. But the question of cost is not yet clear for most people. This post will help dispel myths associated with skin whitening prices. Here we break down all the details related to the Skin Whitening Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi so that you can make informed decisions based on our reliable information.

About Skin Whitening:

The skin whitening treatment in Dubai is mainly intended to improve the complexion. You are advised to undergo this procedure if your skin is dull and bicolored after exposure to the sun. This is an exceptional case where people with dark skin color from birth benefit from this treatment. This is because if someone is naturally dark, they cannot be fair.

At the Royal Clinic, we perform skin whitening using the following procedures (The skin lightening approach is tailored to the individual skin tone).

  • Glutathione Injections
  • Laser therapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion

In Dubai, How Much Does Skin Whitening Cost?

Average skin whitening treatment Cost in Dubai – AED 300. This estimate can be up to AED 1500 depending on the type of treatment you are opting for. The main reason for the high cost of skin whitening is sessions. People who haven’t gotten enough benefit from a single skin whitening session should show up for repetitive sessions, which makes the rates higher.


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Best Skin Whitening Treatment Cost in Dubai   Skin Whitening Treatment Cost Dubai   Skin Whitening Treatment Cost in Dubai

Factors Affecting Cost:

  1. Dermatologist’s experience
  2. Type of treatment
  3. Equipment used
  4. The number of sessions
  5. Clinic’s location

Initial Consultation :

In this session, our specialists monitor your skin color. You will be informed about the available skin whitening treatments, and thus, taking into account your comfort, our specialists will offer a unique plan adapted to your needs and requirements.

If dark skin is only on your face, we recommend lasers or peels. Or, if you want to whiten your whole body skin, we recommend that you use the Glutathione IV drips.

Why Do Prices Vary?

There are two main reasons. First, you pay for the experience of the practitioner, and second, you pay for the treatment. Lasers and glutathione are the most researched, give exceptional results, so their price is much higher than the rest. Another point that causes prices to vary is the sessions. Even after the skin is lighter, patients must return a few months later for maintenance. As treatment levels wane, so do the effects.

However, we would highly recommend not considering prices as a deciding factor. Ask us for the right option that will surely benefit your skin tone, get a cost estimate, and then decide next.

How Many Skin Whitening Sessions Are Needed?

We will discuss during an initial consultation, how many whitening sessions can benefit your skin tone. All it depends upon how lighter your skin tone is, how much there is melanin and pigment.

For most people, our dermatologists suggest having one session a week.

Affordable Skin Whitening At Royal!

Peak obsession with skin whitening is causing millions of people to consider in-office treatments. The point is that the choice is yours! Never turn costs into an obstacle to self-improvement. Think, plan and decide what you really need to do to take care of yourself! As the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai, we never want cost to be a hurdle to your grooming. Our skin whitening treatments are readily affordable to patients. The rest of our cosmetic surgeries are covered by installments.

Find out more about the Skin Whitening Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah by contacting our team. Use the online form or call +971 4333 0708.