Risks and Benefits of Rhinoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Having a pointed and elevated nose is considered a sign of beauty standards. Those who have it are lucky but those who want to have this sort of nose are one step away from having the exact shape of their own as they want by consulting the best Cosmetic Clinic in Dubai and having the procedure of Rhinoplasty with the skillful hands of expert Cosmetic Surgeons, the procedure, ideal candidacy and also the Risks and Benefits of Rhinoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. So do not wait for long and avail this amazing treatment with us.

Procedure of Rhinoplasty:

The steps in a rhinoplasty operation are listed below:

  • The surgeon will give you an anesthetic before beginning the surgery for your comfort.
  • Open or closed procedures are also possible for rhnoplasty. 
  • The columella, a little band of tissues that divides the nostrils, is cut during an open rhinoplasty by the surgeon. 
  • The incisions are done from the interior of the nose during a closed rhinoplasty. In order to reach the internal anatomy of the nose, the surgeon lifts the skin that covers the nasal bones.
  • In the event that your nose has an excessively big bone or cartilage, or if it is bulbous, the surgeon will lower the size of your nose. 
  • On the other side, if the nose is tiny, they could add cartilage transplants. The septum of the nose is typically used for these transplants. 
  • Additionally, they could occasionally be extracted from a piece of rib cartilage or the ear. 
  • If the septum has shifted, the surgeon may correct it. Reducing the protrusion inside the nose improves nasal airflow and addresses functional issues.
  • The surgeon redrapes the tissue and skin of the nose after shaping the underlying nasal structure, then sews up the wounds.


You can have the following advantages by having the rhinoplasty procedure done with us in Dubai:

  • People frequently choose to have rhinoplasty in order to improve the appearance of their noses. Anyone who is dissatisfied with their nose’s size, shape, or profile may find relief through rhinoplasty.
  • The fact that rhinoplasty might actually make it easier to breathe is one of the procedure’s unexpected advantages. Improved breathing can be achieved by rhinoplasty, which fixes structural issues with the nose.
  • You may experience a surprising increase in self-esteem and confidence after rhinoplasty.
  • Today’s rhinoplasty treatments are among the safest ones done in surgery. Like every operation, it has certain dangers, but compared to other surgeries, it is generally safe.
  • The fact that rhinoplasty outcomes are long-lasting is one of its main advantages. You may relax knowing that the results will last a lifetime after your nose has fully recovered from the procedure.


The following are the risks related to rhinoplasty:

  • Patients’ reactions to anesthesia might vary depending on the kind that is used. Because of how uncommon this is, it’s crucial to talk to your anesthesiologist about your particular risk.
  • In rare cases, persons who have had rhinoplasty surgeries may get an infection. Antibiotics used both intraoperatively and postoperatively are typically used to treat them.
  • Patients who have had nose surgery occasionally experience bleeding episodes. To ensure you are fit enough to have the treatment, your surgeon may probably need blood tests. Additionally, to reduce the chance of bleeding, your surgeon should review all of your prescription drugs and dietary supplements.
  • Revision and secondary operations are occasionally necessary to provide the greatest cosmetic and functional results, depending on the intricacy of the first procedure.
  • Some patients are more susceptible to scarring and slow wound healing because of underlying medical conditions. Before beginning a treatment plan, it is critical to be aware of these dangers.

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