How are Ceramic Braces Better Than Metal Braces in Dubai Cost

A smile is the most charming accessory you can wear. It is a powerful statement of your personality. Unfortunately, many people feel shy or hesitant to smile; simply because of an unattractive smile. The good news is you are in charge of the beautification here. There are many ways to improve your naturally unaligned teeth. Have you considered getting any Ceramic Braces? Do you know How are Ceramic Braces Better Than Metal Braces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? You have heard about the traditional Metal braces or Invisalign but you are not sure about these Orthodontic treatments. You are afraid of the discomfort? Or fear you are not disciplined to wear them every day? If so, Ceramic Braces are the best option available for you. 

Are Ceramic Braces a Better Choice? 

There is more than one type of braces available today. All of them are designed to serve the same purpose. Straightening your teeth. Although traditional Metal Braces remain tried and true to get excellent results. Not everyone is thrilled with the idea of having Metal brackets and wires inside their mouths. This is where Ceramic Braces gained popularity over Metal braces in Orthodontic treatment today.

Ceramic braces are an economical choice. Not only are they inexpensive compared to Metal Braces, but also create low visibility. The appearance of the Ceramic Braces provides you with a much more subtle aspect to your overall personality. These braces are specially customized for every individual patient. They are made according to the shape and color of your teeth. The Ceramic Braces are made from a material known as; Polycrystalline Alumina. This is why they appear to be crystal-looking and highly popular among patients who do not wish to compromise their progress and privacy during the treatment. Noone from a distance of 3 to 5 meters will be able to notice you; wearing any braces because they are your tooth color.


Mechanically and Technically, the braces work all the same. They are designed to move your teeth together. The treatment should be done by a professional Orthodontist to provide the best results; an even set of healthy-looking teeth.

The installation and duration of each treatment are different from one another. Ceramic braces take 20-30 minutes to install. An average of 18 to 36 months are needed to complete the treatment. 


The installation of all braces is the same. This is what happens during your treatment;

  • Cleaning of the teeth; make sure the braces have a clean canvas for attaching to your teeth.
  • Air pressure is used on your teeth to keep them dry. This may cause dryness to your lips too. A lip balm is provided to hydrate your lips afterward.
  • After the treatment, you may feel a slight irritation in your mouth. You will be provided with a teeth wax to put on your braces to eliminate any discomfort. It takes time to adjust to the installations.


You are advised to;

  • Eat before the treatment because it will take time for you to adjust according to the braces to be able to eat normally again.
  • Compromise on your diet until the braces are ready to be taken off.
  • It is better to not bite or chew into sticky or hard food because they might break the brackets.
  • In case of any pain, your Orthodontist will provide you with painkillers before and after the treatment. This prevents any soreness too. 
  • You are given Retainers for some time. This is for the maintenance of improved results. 


There are so many advantages to getting Ceramic braces. The popular ones are;

  • The fact it cannot be seen as easily as the Metal braces. No one will be able to notice the brackets on your teeth unless they make an effort to look into your mouth.
  • They provide extra confidence to patients who want to safeguard the look of their smile during the treatment.
  • The surface of the Ceramic Braces is smoother compared to the Metal Braces. Another reason why you should choose Ceramic Braces is for comfort. They create a pleasant wearing experience.
  • Unlike Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces are easier for you to adjust with. They are designed to blend in with the natural color of your teeth.
  • Ceramic brackets are plastic made. They do not stain the surface of your teeth, unlike Metal Braces.
  • They don’t make you look like steel. You can confidently presume your professional duties without feeling any sense of consciousness.

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