French Butt Reshaping Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Having a volumized and lifted body is a real miracle but all those who have a sagging body or have less volume in their hips are lacking their confidence in wearing short stuff. To look confident and vibrant there are lifting or reshaping procedures such as French Butt Reshaping. Enfield royal Clinic is providing the best affordable French Butt Reshaping Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is French Butt Reshaping?

This procedure involves the reshaping of but by a compound procedure of liposuction, silicon implant, and lifting. The procedure is a cosmetic surgery and needs intensive care which means it is needed to be done by an expert cosmetic surgeon. It isn’t simply a course of making individuals’ bottom greater. All things being equal, it is to address their hips with regards to shape by underlining them. The reason here can be communicated as the reallocation of the volume, the most common way of taking the volume from a subtle region and moving it to a situation with a more wonderful position to make the butt look volumized, contoured, and lifted.


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Factors Affecting the Cost:

When it comes to knowing about the cost of a procedure it is really very important to understand the real purpose of the increased cost of the same procedure at different clinics. Those important aspects may include:

  • The condition of the client’s butt is really important in determining the actual cost of the procedure as there are three types of people who opt for this treatment the first one is those who have a heavy butt and they need a more contoured lifted and less volumized hip there comes the second one who has less volumized hip and they want to lift up their saggy hip as well want to add volume to it and the last but not the least are those who have taken a butt reshaping surgery previously and are not satisfied with and want to enhance the appearance of their butt. All 3 types of clients have different conditions of butt and have different requirements for their reshaping procedure. So the cost for each client is different.
  • The second and the most important thing is the level of expertise the cosmetic surgeon has in doing this specific type of Butt Reshaping. As very few cosmetic surgeons perform this surgery with efficiency one of the leading name in this specific procedure is Dr. Matt Stefanelli. He is the most expert and well-known plastic surgeon in Dubai with a wide range of experience in French Butt Reshaping. So highly expert and certified Cosmetic Surgeons usually cost more for their services than other practitioners.
  • According to an estimate the French Butt Reshaping Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 90,000 to AED 1,20,000 depending upon the location of the clinic, cost of anesthesia, stay at the hospital, and charges of the cosmetic surgeon. It is considered better to have a consultation prior to the treatment whereas Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai is providing you the platform to have a consultation for free with Dr. Matt.

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