Face Lift Without Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

Aging affects the elasticity of the skin very badly and makes it sag. Other body parts can be made covered but the thing is what to do with the sagging skin of the face. There are some people who want to get lifted skin but run away from surgical interventions. So for all those, there is a possible solution of Face Lift Without Surgery in Dubai with effective results and minimal cost. So must try it to have rejuvenated and lifted skin.

What is a Facelift Without Surgery?

It is a non-surgical treatment that helps your facial skin including the area of the chin, cheeks, lips, and forehead tend to lift up to give a more contoured and young appearance. The treatment works by eliminating excessive fat which lifts and fixes the skin. Well-known nonsurgical facelifts incorporate laser reemerging, Ultherapy, dermal fillers, and substance peels. These methods are finished to lift the facial element to make the skin look more youthful without requiring hospitalization and enormous sutures. Their outcomes are much like customary careful facelift methodology. These elective methods don’t need general sedation or a short-term visit.


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How You Can Lift Your Face Without Surgery?

There are multiple ways that help in lifting the face without surgery those are:

  • Laser Treatment:

It is a well-known approach regard to a non-invasive facelift. Lasers have changed the painless skincare industry. The photograph revival strategy wipes out the skin’s highest layer and recovers a new layer. The delicate energy produced by laser targets scarce differences, redness, enormous pores, and dull-looking skin. Subsequently, the skin seems tighter, firmer, and more youthful looking.

  • Ultherapy:

For people who don’t yet feel prepared for careful strategies to return to a young look, Ultherapy might be the arrangement. The main FDA-supported painless facelift methodology, the strategy can be utilized to lift the forehead, neck, and cheeks with brilliant outcomes. Surprisingly better, Ultherapy has zero margin time and no incidental effects, and the outcomes are apparent after only one meeting. Ultherapy works from the back to the front, using ultrasound innovation to invigorate and create new elastin and collagen, profound inside the skin for fixing and lifting impact. Not at all like some other non-careful strategy, Ultherapy infiltrates profound into the skin by up to 4.5 mm without making any harm to the skin’s surface.

  • Dermal Fillers:

This procedure starts by applying a thin layer of topical anesthesia onto the skin which makes it numb then afterward injectables filled with dermal filler and combined with Botox are injected inside the skin which provides volume to the face and brings about a lifting effect and increases the production of collagen to rejuvenate the skin.


A number of determining benefits are provided by the nonsurgical facelift. Some of them may include:

  • Noninvasive in nature
  • No need for sutures
  • No bleeding or side effects
  • An irreversible procedure
  • Greater outcomes with fewer efforts
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Balance the portions of the skin
  • Make it more youthful and fuller
  • Provide lifting effects as well as contour the shape of the face


According to an estimate, the Face Lift Without Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi cost can range from AED 499 to AED 9,999 whereas the actual cost can only be determined by consulting the cosmetologist and getting charged as per your condition.

But there are multiple aspects that are needed to be in mind to have a better treatment with less cost which are: the level of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, the expertise of the cosmetologist, and the condition of the client.

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