Common Steps For A Rhinoplasty Procedure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

A surgical procedure done for the purpose of altering the shape of the nose for cosmetic and general reasons is known as rhinoplasty. It is also well known for its name nose job. It not only changes the shape, size, or angle of the nose but it also effectively enhances respiration by removing obstacles in breathing. It can be done in both surgical and nonsurgical ways. The surgical procedure involves altering the shape of cartilage and bones in the nose where as nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be done by just inserting fillers on specific points to enhance the nose’s appearance. Common Steps For A Rhinoplasty Procedure in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are mentioned below:

Common Steps to Take:

  1. Speaking with a licensed plastic surgeon is the initial step. The surgeon will review the patient’s medical history, perform a physical examination, and go over the procedure’s expected results during this appointment.
  2. Anesthesia administration is the following action. Both general anesthetic and local anesthesia with sedation are acceptable for rhinoplasty procedures.
  3. To access the bone and cartilage that support the nose’s structure, the surgeon will make incisions either inside the nostrils or in the skin (the columella) that lies in the space between the nostrils.
  4. Bone and cartilage will be removed or repositioned by the surgeon to remodel the nose. A more visually acceptable and proportionate nose that harmonizes with the patient’s facial features is the aim.
  5. After the contouring is finished, the surgeon will use sutures to close the wounds.
  6. Patients must take it easy for a few days after the treatment and rest. To lessen swelling and bruising, they should refrain from engaging in intense activity and keep their head elevated.
  7. To track the healing process and make sure there are no complications, the surgeon will set up follow-up consultations.


  • A person’s facial features can be significantly improved with rhinoplasty, making them appear more appealing and balanced.
  • Increased Self-Confidence: People’s self-confidence can increase with an improvement in their appearance.
  • Improved Breathing: By addressing structural problems with the nose, rhinoplasty can help to improve breathing.
  • Improved Blood Oxygenation: By enhancing airflow through the nose, rhinoplasty can help to improve blood oxygenation.
  • Decreased Snoring: By addressing structural problems with the nose, rhinoplasty can assist to lessen snoring.
  • Increased Oral Health: By lowering the risk of sinus infections, rhinoplasty can assist to enhance oral health.


Following rhinoplasty, it is important to follow the postoperative instructions provided by your surgeon. This may include taking medications to reduce swelling and pain, keeping your head elevated, avoiding strenuous activity, and using cold compresses to reduce swelling. It is also important to avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for at least three weeks after the procedure. If you experience any unusual symptoms or complications, contact your surgeon immediately.

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