Body Lift Surgery Everything You Need to Know in Dubai Cost

There are several “lifts” in cosmetic medicine that focus on one particular location, ranging from facelifts and neck lifts to breast lifts and butt lifts. What about the alleged body lift, though? We’ve consulted renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons to get the inside scoop on everything body lifts, skin tightening, and toning. This general term can treat a variety of issues below the neck. Body Lift Surgery: Everything You Need to Know in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, whether you’re interested in a complete surgical body lift, minimally invasive alternatives, or even topical treatments.

How Do Body Lifts Work?

In general, body lifts comprise numerous treatments to get rid of extra skin and fat. Surgical body lifts typically follow significant weight loss (think: bariatric surgery), and, depending on the patient and areas of concern, the procedures can address the upper body, lower body, or both. There are non-surgical and surgical body lift options, but patients who want to address significant skin and fat concerns will probably benefit from going under the knife for a “lift” or “tuck.”

  • Lower Body Lift: Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty), Panniculectomies, Thigh Lifts, Butt Lifts, and/or Monplasties are some of the common procedures used for lower body lifts.
  • Upper Body Lift: Arm lifts (Brachioplasty) and back lifts can be included in body lift that concentrates on the upper body. A breast lift and liposuction may also be added by women (especially as part of a “mommy makeover”).
  • Upper and lower body lift surgeries are combined into a full body lift, though each set is typically done several months apart to give patients time to recover in between.


There will be a medical evaluation before you are allowed to have a body lift. A fundamental physical examination and lab tests will be part of this. Your surgeon could also ask you to make some lifestyle adjustments if necessary. Pay close attention to any medical advice given in the days leading up to your procedure. Depending on your specific surgery plan, instructions will change from patient to patient.

How are Body Lift Operations Carried Out?

Body Lift Surgery: Everything You Need to Know in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, both general anesthesia and intravenous injection are options for body lift surgery. Depending on the procedure, a particular type of anesthesia will be used. Depending on whether the lower torso or upper torso is the starting point for the body lift, the surgeon makes the required incisions in the patient’s limb and removes sagging skin and extra fat. The incisions are sutured in the final step, and the patient can leave for home a few hours later. The patient will, if necessary, stay in the hospital for at least one night.

A full-body lift can be accomplished in several stages. The lower torso lift can be completed in a single session, while other procedures can require more sessions, depending on the patient’s health.

What Guidelines Should I Adhere to When Recovering From a Body Lift?

Following a body lift procedure, the wounds are covered with bandages and dressings. It may be necessary to temporarily insert a tiny, narrow tube beneath the skin to drain any extra blood or fluid that gathers following surgery. Body lift surgery is a big procedure that takes a long time to recuperate from. Initially, intravenous and intramuscular medications are used to treat pain and discomfort; later, oral medications might be used to do the same. Your doctor could advise you to stick to a particular eating regimen for a while. Additionally, your surgeon will advise you on how to lower the possibility of problems.

Ensure you:

  • For at least the first two days, avoid moisturizing the wound.
  • Don’t snooze on the working site
  • Put the keys away for at least a month. After a body lifts, particularly an upper body lift, it can be challenging to move the hand.

Is Having a Body Lift Dangerous? What Negative Impacts are There?

Any procedure has the potential for problems. Due to the significant amount of skin that is removed during body lift surgery, there may be possible hazards. The suitability of this operation for you will have a significant impact on the success and safety of the body lift procedure. Your lifestyle and current health will be discussed with the plastic surgeon, who will then make recommendations for what would be best for you. To help you choose what is ideal for you, the plastic surgeon will quiz you about your lifestyle and current state of health.

Among the complications are the following:

  • Infection Bleeding, edema, and bruises
  • Remove division
  • Skin elasticity loss
  • The dying of skin (tissue death)
  • Unusual scar development
  • Development of seroma (a mass that forms when fluid collects in a tissue or organ)
  • Heterogeneity (unbalanced look) (unbalanced appearance)
  • Inadequate results.

The Following Risks Are Unlikely to Occur:

  • Arterial deep clotting in the heart (obstruction is caused by a restriction in the artery, and may lead to clot formation)
  • Pulmonary bleeding (blood clots in the lungs)
  • Heart muscle blood flow stopping (heart attack)
  • Pneumonia.

Why Choose Us?

Body Lift Surgery: Everything You Need to Know in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, as well as the reasonable price range, are the key benefits. Due to the intense competition among specialists in Dubai, procedures there are less expensive than in other parts of the world. Patients will receive excellent levels of comfort, effectiveness, and safety. New technology is continually being launched in Dubai’s plastic surgery, which shortens the recovery time.