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Royal Laser Hair Removal Clinic Offers a great opportunity to get yourself pampered and feel the smoothness of your skin. From a medical procedure to a trending cosmetic treatment, laser treatment comes so far with new and innovative technology and brings life to the dull and dark-shaded body due to hairs. The best part of this noninvasive procedure is it is pain-free and brings amazing results.

Need for Laser Treatment:

For most ladies and men, their appearance is of most extreme significance, thus they will take extraordinary measures to ensure that they put their best self forward. Sadly, bothersome hair is one of the pivotal issues which a large number of them face every day. They’d wish to appreciate smooth bare arms, armpits, and legs consistently, and keeping in mind that there are a few procedures of accomplishing something similar, few give a long-term choice like Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Laser hair evacuation is the best methodology for eliminating undesirable hair. It very well may be utilized anyplace on the face and body. Not at all like different techniques for hair evacuation, for example, waxing and shaving, laser hair expulsion gives long haul results. The hair will become gentler and better, making it less noticeable, and development will dial back with every treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Results

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Enfield Royal Clinic:

As laser treatment is of multiple different types depending upon which type of equipment is used for which type of skin. The strategy will be changed in advance to the particular states of your skin. Glimmers of light are utilized to send light motivations to the skin, which are changed over into heat by the melanin (the skin’s variety of colors).

The intensity is given to the hair roots, which in the end become abandoned. The hair follicle is basically eliminated for all time. The light motivation is generally effortless, however, can be felt as a slight prick. As per our experience, this pecking is certainly not a significant issue for the vast majority of our clients. We likewise have a ton of involvement in individuals who are more delicate – so we will likewise track down the right strategy for this situation.

Human hair roots are not generally dynamic simultaneously. A huge piece of the root is briefly in a “condition of rest”. Per treatment and contingent upon the technique for super durable hair expulsion, around 20% of the hair established in the treated region is obliterated. Thusly, a few hair medicines are much of the time essential for a total decrease of the hair root is accomplished.

Laser Hair Removal Dubai Offers:

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we are offering all amazing discounts and Full Body Laser Hair Removal Dubai Offers. Go through our offers and grab the best one for you and get it done with us to have 100% secured results under the supervision of laser specialists.

Offer Availability Sessions Rates
Beard Shaping Available 2 sessions 175 AED
Full Body(with Chest and Back) Available 1 session 699 AED
Full Legs  Available 1 session 299 AED
Full Arms Available 1 session 299 AED
Full Body (Without Chest and Back) Available 1 session 599 AED
Full Bikini or Half Arms/ Half Legs Available 1 session 190 AED
Any Small Area Available 1 session 70 AED


No doubt that laser hair removal treatment is a bundle of advantages. Some of its prominent advantages include

  • The best thing is it is a non-invasive procedure.
  • It is a fast treatment with long-lasting effects.
  • The treatment is quite precise as well as it is exact
  • As compared to threading and waxing it is a painless procedure
  • It provides you freedom of what you want to wear
  • It saves time, when you want to get ready for an event and don’t, have to shave your legs because you become hair free with laser procedure
  • It brings about confidence in you.
  • Make your skin brighter and smoother
  • A reliable and carefree technique
  • Reduces the bad odor of underarms and of different body parts
  • It brings menial redness in the beginning or at the very first session beside that there are no side effects.
  • It is a cost-effective treatment
  • Minimize the percentage of ingrown hairs


Aftercare is really very important in maintaining the results of the Laser Treatment. The main do and don’t for a secure and healthy recovering treatment are

  • Stay away from the sun for 7 days after the technique
  • Stay away from effective shadowy tanning items for 7 days
  • In the event that the skin is touchy or aggravated you might use medication like Tylenol
  • In the event that a rankle seems to contact your supplier for heading, however much of the time you might apply an anti-infection balm to the area until mended
  • Stay away from some other sort of skin treatment for quite a long time after the system
  • Slather on the sunscreen day to day, no less than 30+ SPF
  • Delicately wash the region in the shower
  • Try not to wax, pluck or in any case eliminate the hair forcibly, shaving is permitted
  • Because of skin awareness keep away from abundance heat for 24-48 hours like hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, or intensity packs
  • Keep away from make-up, antiperspirant, or other skin creams or drugs for 24 hours.

What you Expect from us?

To our clients, we provide the best and all-rounder Laser Hair Removal Dubai. The individuals who need to dispose of their undesirable hair can go ahead and visit us. We have exceptional offices that are upheld with unimaginable assets that can assist you with getting smooth and sparkly skin. It is reasonable for all skin types and ensures smooth and vibrant skin.

According to our evacuation plan, we kill the hair development profound inside its center. We make a point to keep the expulsion impeccably lined up with your hair development. There is no breaking of strands or the presence of harshness. We stay delicate and guarantee flawlessness. Regardless of whether you have touchy skin, we have the most secure items for all skin types. Do consult us and get to know more about the Laser Hair Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi Offers.