Alarplasty Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Deals

If the nose is too wide at the nostrils, it is possible to narrow the wings of the nose by removing wedge-shaped pieces from the outer base of each nostril. The procedure is called Alarplasty and is one of the rare cases where an incision is made on the outside of the nose. Scars remain after the operation, but they are very thin and are hidden in the natural creases of the nostrils. To make the nose look proportional, and an equal wedge is cut from each nose. Alarplasty Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah covers the expenses of fixing the nostrils.

How is the Reduction Performed?

The surgery itself does not require any general anesthesia. It is a surgery that reduces the wings of the nose. It is performed to reduce the size of the nostrils for a more symmetrical nose shape or more balanced facial features. It solves problems with the size and shape of the nose. You will witness an impressive improvement immediately after the surgery and then continuous improvement within a few months.


The treatment has the following advantages:

  • Improved size and shape of the nose and nostrils
  • It is a less complicated surgical procedure
  • Recovery and downtime are minimal
  • You get symmetrical nostrils and balanced features
  • It does not require general anesthesia


The Alarplasty Cost in Dubai can range from AED 7999 to AED 9999. The cost is impacted by several factors, including the technique used, anesthesia, doctor’s qualification, clinic level, and location. After the initial consultation, the doctor will determine the actual cost and a thorough discussion of the desired results and expectations.

Quick Tip! The cost of Alarplasty is much lower than rhinoplasty because it is a less time-consuming procedure. Consider how much time you need to spend to recover before calculating the cost.


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Factors Affecting the Cost:

The following factors impact the cost of each treatment:

Technique Used:

The treatment technique used by the doctor to correct the shape and size of your nostrils also determines how much the treatment will cost.

Result Expected:

The result people seek in any given situation depends on the revival result they desire. The effect you intend to create varies, as does the cost of each treatment.

Clinic Location:

The total cost of treatment is affected by the city, state, province, or country where the clinic is located.

Clinical Expertise:

A clinic’s level is determined by its equipment, facilities, staff, and doctors, and level has a significant impact on cost.


Anesthesia will be used if the patient wants to avoid discomfort and pain. This significantly increases the overall cost of treatment.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

The treatment is most suitable for the people fulfilling the following conditions:

  • If you have large asymmetrical or protruding nostrils and you want to achieve more minor or balanced facial features
  • The client must not be under the age of 18. The surgery is performed at such a young age only if the candidate suffered trauma.
  • The need for surgery must be assessed on a case-to-case basis; physical and emotional maturity occurs at different ages for each child.


Alarplasty aims to reshape your nose with a small incision on the side of the nostril. It is a relatively simple procedure, but as with any surgical procedure, there are several things you need to consider. If you are interested in the process, contact the experts at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Get the most affordable price at the clinic and get the assistance of the most well-trained nurses and doctors.