1 dirham hair transplant in dubai & abu Dhabi

The growing demand for hair transplants has made it expensive. Even clinics that don’t have sufficient facilities charge high prices. But good news! Enfield Royal Dubai is offering an affordable 1 Dirham hair transplants package that is beyond fake beliefs.

Hair transplant in Dubai for 1 dirham means, PER HAIR. Most patients require 600- 2000 hair grafts which become total in cost AED 2000 to AED 4000. Compared to other clinics that offer hair transplants from AED 6000, this offer is surely perfect to catch. What do you think?

Let’s get into the details of this transplant to figure out what is new in it.

Quality Disputes with 1-Dirham Hair Transplant:

People when hear of a 1 Dirham Hair Transplant in Dubai get excited at first but secondly start disbelieving the results. Sure no one wants to compromise the quality of results over some cost. And this point this appreciable. But doubts aren’t always true.

Due to the high demand for hair transplants and tough competition in the cosmetic market, many clinics have now reduced their prices. It’s not about quality. The surgeons are experienced, equipment is up-to-date, and this is just to give a new push to business. Every so often we announce discount offers on hair transplants from time to time so that cost will not become a barrier to upgrading your lifestyle anymore.


Best Clinic of Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham Dubai   Best Clinic of Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham in Dubai  Best Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham Dubai

Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham Dubai   Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham in Dubai  Best Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham in Dubai

Hair Transplant Cost May Vary:

Even if you are having a hair transplant in Dubai for 1 dirham doesn’t mean prices are fixed. Each person suffers from a different level of baldness, rates vary. It’s highly advised to have a sit-down consultation with surgeons to figure out what is expected to spend in your condition. Upon consultation, you will be given ideal appraisals.

Here are some factors that affect the cost of hair transplants.

  • Number of grafts
  • Skills of surgeon
  • Location of clinic
  • Level of baldness

Besides, there is a friendly tip for you. Don’t disclose the budget when undergoing this surgery. First, ask the surgeon and then reveal what you intended.

Why Prefer our 1-Dirham Hair Transplant?

Our surgeons being perfectionists, using high-quality equipment with the belief of making patients satisfied typically yields the Best Hair transplants at the most reasonable rates. For the last ten years, our surgeons have put the ultimate effort in satisfying thousands of patients which surely pays off when Enfield Royal is titled as Best Hair Transplant clinic in Dubai. Overall, our complication rate is less than even one percent means you will be no longer bearing complications anymore.

  • Emergency care
  • Consistent check-ups
  • Extremely natural fallouts

The Bottom Line:

To book a Hair Transplant for 1 Dirham in Dubai & Abu Dhabi or to inquire more about a Hair transplant in Dubai for 1 dirham please consult our experts. For appointments, call directly at +97143330708 or fill in the short contact form.