1 dirham hair transplant in dubai & abu Dhabi

The cost of the surgery has increased due to the growing popularity of hair transplants in general. The need for experienced surgeons and advanced equipment has also increased significantly, as more individuals are seeking expert help for hair loss and thinning problems. As a result, some clinics have benefited from this demand by charging outrageous costs for their services of Hair Transplant In Dubai, even those without extensive facilities or qualified staff. Lucky for you, we are offering an affordable 1 Dirham Hair Transplant package to our valuable clients. Read more about services and treatments in the guide below. 

Hair transplant in Dubai for 1 dirham means, PER HAIR. Most patients require 600- 2000 hair grafts which become a total cost of AED 2000 to AED 4000. Compared to other clinics that offer hair transplants for AED 6000, this offer is surely perfect to catch. What do you think?

Let’s get into the details of this transplant to figure out what is new in it.

What Exactly Is A Hair Transplant? 

This is a surgical technique that requires hair follicles to be extracted from a genetically resistant area of the body, typically the back or sides of the head. It is then replanted in a balding area of your scalp. All three procedures DHI, FUE, and FUT are involved in transplanting hair follicles from one part of your head into the balding regions. Moreover, these methods are a common and successful treatment for those with genetic balding patterns or an individual’s body malfunction.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

First of all, hair loss patterns can take place before mature aging for some people. Some candidates are under the age of 25. Therefore, we suggest our clients to visit the clinic for a consultation. One of our experts will examine your concerns and suggest the most suitable treatment to address your problems. 

Results of Hair Transplant:

“Here you can see some Best Results of Hair Transplantation”

Best Clinic of Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham Dubai   Best Clinic of Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham in Dubai  Best Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham Dubai

Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham Dubai   Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham in Dubai  Best Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham in Dubai


What to expect during the procedure is mentioned below:

  • The surgeon will be well-equipped in the treatment room with all the necessary instruments and equipment to complete the task.
  • Your skin will be numbed using local anesthesia to perform the method.
  • Using an instrument with a fine tip, the expert will remove hair follicles from the donor area. 
  • The balding area of your scalp will have the hair follicles inserted into a pen-shaped device.
  • Each follicle is carefully planted into the scalp. It may take several hours to complete the treatment, depending on your balding patches.
  • In the end, you can witness the changes in the mirror. We will provide you with some homecare instructions to prevent any possible mishap afterward.

Besides, there is a friendly tip for you. Don’t disclose the budget when undergoing this surgery. First, ask the surgeon and then reveal what you intended.


  • It is a minimally invasive surgery without the need for scalp incisions or holes is one of its main benefits. 
  • You can choose the size and direction of hair growth to achieve the results you want.  This will create more denser and natural-looking results. 
  • In contrast to several alternative therapies for hair loss, hair transplant does not require any ongoing prescription medication. For people who would rather have a one-time intervention, this is the most effective method.
  • It is also applicable in other regions of your body, such as mustache, and even eyebrows implantation.
  • The new changes will boost your self-confidence and grant you a youthful transformation.
  • Regaining more volume in one’s hair might boost one’s self-esteem. Several people report feeling better about themselves following a successful hair transplant.
  • Following a hair transplant, the recovery period is brief. After the surgery, most patients can resume their regular activities in a matter of days to a week, and a few months later, the transplanted hair starts to grow.

The Cost Of The Treatment:

Depending on personal expectations and preferences, the overall cost of the treatment varies from person to person. This offer showcases the cost per hair, with a fixed fee of one dirham. The average patien requires 600–2000 hair grafts, therefore the total cost ranges between AED 2000 to AED 4000.

Book A Free Consultation:

For additional details on the procedures and services of Hair Transplant For 1 Dirham In Dubai, For appointments, call directly at +97143330708 or fill in the short contact form. Or call us to make an appointment with one of our professional Cosmetic Surgeons at the Enfield Royal Clinic.