Does Laser Scar Removal Work On Brown Skin in Dubai Price & Cost

Are you worried about the appearance of scars on your skin? People wish to have a clear skin tone free from all skin blemishes. Not only adults but also the young generation is worried about the appearance of scars. In past, laser technologies were not introduced for skin treatments. All skin issues take much time to get resolved without any fruitful results. Moreover one with a fair skin tone gets good results as compared to other with a dark complexion. 

Laser scar removal helps to vanish the visibility of scars on black skin color also. If you want to know Does Laser Scar Removal Work On Brown Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah you can visit our clinic and get to know about it. 

How Does it Work?

Laser scar removal uses a beam of laser that penetrates deep inside the skin. It removes and destroys the scars inside the skin by penetration of laser light. This laser stimulates collagen production and works for the removal of all skin scars. It works for all skin types and also for darker skin. The dark complexion the more the presence of melanin pigment in the skin. This laser light also breaks down all the melanin pigment in the skin.

Best Laser For Dark Skin:

Dark skin tone is an indication of more melanin pigment in the skin. This melanin is present deep inside the skin which is the reflex of dark skin. The best and most reliable lasers for dark skin tones are Nd: YAG and diode Nd: YAG. Both these lasers are effective for dark skin. The Nd: YAG is more effective than the other laser with a diode. Actually, this pulse of laser moves deep into the skin and breaks down all the melanin pigment. These lasers are gaining immense popularity due to their amazing results on the skin. Laser for dark skin color is approved 

What are the Risks of Laser Scar Removal for Darker Skin?

The risks of laser scar removal include redness and inflammation. Your skin may get prone to the development of acne and scars on the skin. These are all minor risks that will subside within a couple of days. It does not involve life-threatening risks and is considered a safe and sound procedure. 

Preoperative Measures:

You should seek professional help regarding your skin before opting for the procedure. Make sure that you do not apply any skincare products or other harsh exfoliants. It might cause damage to the skin when it will get expose to laser light. 


You need to take aftercare measures after laser treatment. There are some general precautionary measures

  • You should avoid direct exposure of your skin directly to the sun. 
  • Use sunblock, especially when going out.
  • Use chilled ice cubes in you feel redness or swelling.
  • Do not need to touch the treated area.
  • Use ointments and creams as prescribed by the doctor.  
  • You should drink a lot of water for a better skin tone.

Does It Work on Brown Skin?

Yes, it works on dark skin and considers an effective treatment for dark skin color. The laser light penetrates deep into the skin and breaks down all the melanin pigment. It works on all skin types and also works efficiently for darker skin tones. 

What to Expect?

You will notice redness and swelling after laser scar removal. A person with more of a dark skin tone may get itching on the skin. You should not scratch the skin when you feel itchy skin. Small patches are developed on the skin just like the sun burns. You will notice the appearance of blisters on your skin that might be painful.

Why Choose Us?

Come and know about various skincare treatments. We have qualified doctors at Enfield Royal Laser Treatments Clinic in Dubai that perform various treatments. We ensure our clients give them satisfactory results along with great care. Our collaborative staff takes care of hygiene and provides a comfortable environment for procedures. Know about Does Laser Scar Removal Work On Brown Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and get this treatment.