General Dentistry in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

When you meet a person, one of the first things you notice about them is their smile. Minor dental issues can leave your smile less than perfect. Maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist periodically help to avoid many dental problems.

We have the leading General Dentistry in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. General dentistry is concerned with primary oral care. It covers a wide range of dental issues, from fillings to treating gums to ensuring overall oral health. 

With the help of contemporary dental procedures and state-of-the-art equipment, you can now overcome gum disease, cavities in the teeth, and other kinds of dental damage. Our dentists have extensive experience and expertise in these procedures.

General Dentistry Services:

We offer all kinds of dental treatments to our patients to ensure their oral health. The process starts with a free consultation followed by an appointment with our doctors. Once they assess your condition, they will set up a date for the procedure.

We also ensure you get the prescribed medication and set a follow-up appointment for you. We aim to offer you the best dental treatments available in the Emirates 

Following are some of our most sought-after dental services. 

Routine Examinations:

The routine examination consists of your dentists ensuring your general oral health is good. It includes looking for cavities, usually with an x-ray, possible infections, and checking for plaque and tartar on the teeth. A visit every three to six months is ideal for ensuring good oral health. 

Tooth Fillings:

Fillings are used to cover cavities and help the teeth continue their functions properly. These fillings match the tone of your teeth to ensure that they do not look out of place. The fillings last for a considerable time. 

Root Canal:

It is a procedure that salvages your infected tooth instead of extracting it. The infected pulp and nerves in the area are removed. The dentist reshapes the area and adds a filling. Although it may sound like a lot, there is no pain during the procedure whatsoever. 

Gum Disease:

Several gum-related issues can affect a person, including bleeding, receding, and infections. Typical treatments include deep cleaning, scaling, and root planning, to name a few. They help in maintaining dental health in the longer run. 

Dental Implants:

Dental implants in Dubai are used to help replace missing teeth. They’re attached to the jawbone, and an artificial replacement tooth and a crown can be mounted on them. You can replace one or more teeth with dental implants.


The outcomes of these treatments will be the detection of any dental pathology, correction, and restoration of these issues using techniques of modern dentistry.

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Pediatric Dentistry:

Children often have minor dental issues that can be easily corrected. It would help if you took them to see a doctor every few months to ensure that their teeth grow correctly. Good teeth at an early age can translate into good oral health in the longer term. 


There are times when the teeth are too damaged or infected, and there is no possible treatment for them. Removing such teeth is the only viable option. Extractions may help in avoiding discomfort and infections in the future. Dental implants can replace extracted teeth to ensure that your smile is never affected. 

Healthy Teeth for Life:

The purpose of general dentistry is to help with any minor issues that you have with your teeth. However, it cannot magically fix bad oral hygiene. For lifelong healthy teeth, you have to pay attention to your oral hygiene. 

Using dental floss and rinsing your mouth after every meal and snack, brushing twice a day are the basics of maintaining good dental health. Any issues that come to the fore after that, our doctors can take care of them.

General Dentistry in Dubai (FAQ’s):

A general dentist will evaluate, diagnose, and treat a wide array of problems that fall into two categories - cavities (tooth decay) and periodontal or gum disease. Regular dental checkups, dental X-rays, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and normal dental fillings are considered routine dental services 

General Dentistry can lead to 7 different specializations including a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, periodontist, endodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, or pedodontist.

Dental specialists receive specialized training after dental school, much like a neurologist or cardiologist.

General Dentistry is important to maintaining the health of your smile as well as your overall health. It can prevent and treat infections, cancers, tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth loss, tooth discoloration, and other medical and cosmetic issues relating to the oral cavity.

Teeth cleaning and whitening is considered the easiest and most commonly advised dental procedure. It can not only prevent most dental issues and diseases but can also have aesthetic advantages.

A general dentist is focused on keeping your smile healthy. Typically, they offer the same services as a family dentist, but they only see patients within a particular age group (like 16 or older).

The toughest surgery with the most chances of complications and extensive surgical time is wisdom tooth extractions. Their difficulty lies in the fact that they are the hardest to reach orally and can be impacted in a way that requires gum manipulation to perform surgery.

Cost of General Dentistry Dubai:

General dentistry procedures vary in cost based on their nature. They may start from AED 700 and go up to AED 9,000. It depends on the type of treatment and its complexity. 

Best General Dentistry Services in Dubai:

We ensure that we offer you nothing but the very best of General Dentistry in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at our facility. We have highly trained, and experienced doctors equipped to perform all the procedures mentioned above. We also have the most modern equipment to ensure that the treatments are performed in the best of manners.  

So take a minute to fill in the form given below. Someone from our team will reach out to you and set up an appointment with our team of experts. You will be on your way to excellent dental health in no time.