Dr Hany Chidiac

Stay Younger Forever!

Stay Young Forever From The Inside Out with our Anti Aging and Regenerative medicine department at Enfield Royal Clinic In Dubai.

Improve your energy, increase your immunity, fight the aging process and enhance your sexual strength.

Enfield is proud to introduce Dr. Hany Chidiac – Andrologist, sexodynamist and regenerative medicine specialist – at Enfield Royal Clinic.

With his great achievements in reviving back youthfulness and eliminating aging signs with the help of Regenerative Medicine technologies introduced for the first time in Dubai.

A few of his Areas of Expertise are:

  • Anti-Aging treatments using stem cell therapy in the regenerative process of healing
  • Ozonotherapy and Prolozone application
  • Sexodynamist-Andrology studies – diagnose and cure sexual impotence with the latest innovative technologies, with side effects
  • Calmare device to treat chronic and acute muscle pain
  • Efficacy in treating premature ejaculation and retardant ejaculation and loss of libido
  • IV Low laser and IV drip therapy to treat several pathological cases.

Dr. Hany Chidiac has mastered and perfected treatment protocols for over 20+ health conditions that we face in our aging process. Regenerative Anti Aging Medicine has been around for many years. It is the process of healing injured cells and tissues by giving them back their normal functions. He was the first to introduce Regenerative Medicine in Lebanon where he has his private practice and we are proud to be the first to offer you his services in Dubai.

His Work Focuses on Specific Therapy Programs for:

  • Male and Female sexual health: Premature ejaculation, Problems with erection, female orgasm enhancement
  • Liver detox: Increase energy spam, enhance metabolism and clear out toxins and heavy metals
  • Hair growing treatments and hair loss treatments
  • Immune system boost: Increase anti-inflammatory response, fight bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19 prevention)
  • Antioxidant & metabolism enhancement: Managing fatigue symptoms and enhancing body oxygen levels
  • Muscle Tissue Strength: Improve muscle growth, and provide oxygenation support for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness trainers
  • Pain Relief: Managing trauma-induced pain (back and joints) and age-related pain (knees, back, and neck support)

Before setting the therapy protocol, Dr. Hany will conduct a full diagnostic test and advise on the treatments needed and the number of sessions required to achieve your Anti-Aging Goal.

Skills and Expertise:

Dr. Hany Chidiac is a highly qualified and board-certified doctor with a vast range of skill sets and experience in the following fields:

  • Andrology:

Specialized in treating and improving male sexual health using non invasive, result oriented procedures with the help of the latest technologies in stem cell therapy, magneto and Schock waves, PRP, and Ozone therapy.

Dr. Hany has studied, researched and perfected these therapies to help provide you with the most effective and long lasting treatment results.

  • Regenerative Medicine:

With his approach and studies on Regenerative Medicine and therapies Dr. Hany will help you win the fight against the following issues:

  • Toxicity evaluation test with appropriate detoxification plan
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Hair growth stimulation
  • Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Increase in life energy span
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Pain management


With a strong educational background, Dr. Hany Chidiac has completed his passionate educational career at the following well-known institutes with board certifications:

  • American Board Certification: 

Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine.

  • MD: 

Medicine And Surgery From Brescia University

  • Master I: 

Urosexodynamic From Brescia University

  • Diploma: 

Internal Medicine From Aston University

  • Master II Level: 

Andrology From The University Of Pisa, Italy

  • Research and Studied: 

Calmar MC5-A New Technology For Pain Management

  • Practice Clinical Applications: 

Ozone And Prolozone Therapy From The American Academy Of Ozonotherapy

  • Stem Cell Therapy And PRP Certification: 

From Bioheart, Miami Florida, USA

  • International Master: 

Ozone Applications In Medicine


Dr. Hany is fluent in:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Italian

Professional Background:

  • Owner of the Clan Anti Aging and Regenerative Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Assistant in Clinical Research and Studies at Universita di Pisa.
  • Active Member of:
  • American board of Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine
  • International Society For Laser Applications In Medicine
  • European Association Of Medical Ozonotherapy
  • Member In Aao American Ozonotherapy.