What to Expect With DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai Cost

Breast reconstruction is one of the most performed procedures by women due to the high ratio of breast surgeries for cancer treatment. There are multiple different types of reconstructive surgeries performed due to different circumstances of patients. This is why people often rise queries regarding What to Expect With DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery:

After a mastectomy, a woman may have a DIEP flap reconstruction in which her own tissue is used to grow a new breast. In the deep inferior epigastric perforator, the principal blood artery shifted during the treatment, giving the technique its common name DIEP. It may be possible to manufacture a new breast using tissue from the back, buttocks, or even the inner thighs, depending on a woman’s body form and medical history.

What to Expect During the Procedure:

  • Anesthesia is administered to you through a vein in your arm. In order to prevent you from feeling any discomfort throughout the treatment, it helps you fall asleep.
  • Your lower tummy is sliced with a lengthy incision by the surgeon. From the person’s own belly, a flap of skin and blood vessels is being removed to place in the chest.
  • The doctor moves the flap to the breast site and carefully links blood veins from the flap to blood vessels in your chest.
  • Your surgeon will sculpt the tissue to approximate the natural contour of a breast after the blood vessels have been joined. 
  • Drains will likely be inserted by your surgeon in the belly and chest incisions. Drains assist in fluid removal, edema reduction, and the healing process.
  • At last, stitches are made to let the treated chest set for recovery.


Following are some basic benefits of having a DIEP Flap Reconstructive Surgery:

  • No extraneous items. The only tissue utilized is the patient’s skin and fat.
  • The breast that has been rebuilt feels warm and supple to the touch rather than cold like other implant reconstructions.
  • After a mastectomy, sensory nerve repair can be done using the DIEP flap.
  • Breast reconstruction is long-lasting. 
  • Contrary to certain implant patients, DIEP patients seldom require no further surgery once the reconstructive procedure is finished because they rarely have increased breast hardening or ruptures of the implant material.

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