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Do you ever look at your favorite celebrities, and wonder how naturally gifted they are? Their appearance, physique, and not to mention; the hair! We have all been there. But the truth is we are all humans at the end of the day. Health never remains the same for anyone. Sometimes due to genetics or other stressful routines or activities, famous people often go through balding or hair recession periods as well. Therefore, the same steps and stages are performed on them as well. Whether you are a man or a woman, hair fall and growth is a natural process. But to sustain the maintenance, we have some wonderful treatment options for you. Read about: Truth Behind Hollywood Stunning Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Visit our website for more information and consultation.

Do All Hollywood Celebrities Undergo Hair Transplants?

There was a time when due to low advancement in the techniques, any transplant surgery could be easily detected. Although we do accept, some minor after-effects before a complete recovery will still show the transplant signs on the scalp even today. Famous people are always in the spotlight. To keep their privacy a secret, innovative techniques were brought to attention. This is why PRP Treatment In Dubai for hair is highly in demand. Read the guide below and explore the properties of this tremendous treatment.

What Is The Aim Of The Procedure?

It is a miraculous therapy that can help with the sustainable regrowth of strong-rooted follicles. What happens is, your own plasma is going to be re-introduced into the scalp. It will activate blood circulation and collaborate with collagen cells to activate the reproduction of the hair. As a result, even the split ends will be cast off in due time. Moreover, you will see a fully restored hairline with denser-looking and firmly rooted hair.

How Is The Method Performed?

This is a complete non-surgical method of hair restoration. It is safe and reliable without any downtime. This is why Hollywood celebrities fancy this procedure. Below is a brief information about the process;

  • First things first, we require your complete medical history. You must visit for a consultation session, we will draw some mandatory blood tests to diagnose the current health situation as well.
  • On the treatment day, we prefer you walk into the clinic with clean hair without any products applied to the scalp or the strands.
  • A required number of injections are filled by extracting some fresh blood from your arm. It is then placed into a special machinery that is in charge of separating the stem cells from the white blood cells.
  • The red blood cells are re-filled into new syringes. And these are directly injected into your scalp or hairline. 
  • Followed by a gentle massage and aftercare precautions to prevent any mishap. Your new appointment is scheduled, and you are sent home with a few aftercare precautions to follow afterward.

What Is The Time Duration Between Results And Maintenance?

The results are going to vary from person to person. This is your body’s intake and capacity to produce productive outcomes. However, on an average basis, you shall witness a great restoration of your new follicles within two to three weeks. However, for the follow-up sessions, you can opt for three to four or every sixth month to annual sessions to prolong the health of your shiny and voluminous hair.

What Are The Beneficial Outcomes For Me?

There are countless perks to opting for a PRP Treatment In Dubai. Explore the happy facts you ought to reach out for;

  • It takes minimal time to witness productive results. Your hairline is naturally stored within six to eight months.
  • Moreover, it is a completely organic method to regrow new follicles without putting you under the influence of any anesthetic drug or surgical procedure.
  • With newly generated changes, you will experience greater happy changes in your lifestyle as well. You appear good-looking and more youthful.
  • Furthermore, you will notice a higher self-esteem and a boost in your confidence level as well.
  • This shall have positive impacts on your mental health too. No more fearful thoughts of shampooing or combing your hair will have left you worried or stressed out.
  • You can try a new hair color or even go for a bob cut because no amount of short length is going to interfere with your roots or hair growth.
  • If you want to use heat tools or opt for some basic chemical products such as sprays and gels. You can fearlessly do so because the active collagen is not going to allow any harmful effects to take place.
  • And finally, it is an easily maintainable and affordable treatment. On top of that, the follow-up sessions are going to elongate and empower your hair forever.

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