Baldness Be Gone With Our Hair Transplantation Solutions in Dubai

Genetics and other changes can interfere with your hairline. Similarly, people who are keen swimmers are advised to cover their heads because of the toxicity in the public pools. Even the salt percentage in the seawater can be damaging to your hair. This may lead to hair thinning. Or worse, fall out due to bacteria or excessive heat exposure. In such a case scenario, you are advised to pause your underwater activities and consult with the Doctor immediately. For more information about; Baldness Be Gone With Our Hair Transplantation Solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Read the guide below and learn more about; Hair Transplant In Dubai

Hair Transplant Procedures At Our Clinic:

We are offering some of the most extraordinary treatments to solve your hair problems. Whether you are struggling with Beard thinning or bald patches on your mustache or head in particular. There are FUT, FUE, DHI, and PRP procedures for you to restore the hair in the emptying areas. For further details, visit our website and seek adequate knowledge of the prescribed treatment.

Who Is An Eligible Candidate?

Anyone struggling with balding patches along their hair partition or at different locations of the scalp can definitely opt for a consultation. We advise candidates to come for immediate diagnosis right after witnessing a sudden hair fall or thinning. Sometimes Eczema could also trigger unideal changes. However, only a certified expert can evaluate the problem and determine the most suitable option to reverse the matter.

What Is The Basic Procedure?

Below is a general guideline to enlighten you about the outline of the process;

  • First things first, you are advised to opt for a mandatory consultation. We will perform a 3D scan on your scalp. And improvise the suitable options and techniques to be implemented at the treatment.
  • The next step is to select the donor area. It is usually the back of your head, but when the lack of hair is detected. We can even draw the hair from your thighs or legs to restore your hairline.
  • On the appointed date, we will mark some lines on the scalp. A few numbing injections are injected directly into the scalp to numb the areas.
  • The specialized tools are drawn to attention. Some are used to extract the follicles. Whereas, others are used for the insertion of the implants.
  • The entire duration will take more than two or three hours. However, the duration is going to depend on your current empty spaces.
  • In the end, some aftercare precautions are instructed to you along with some essential painkillers. You can go home shortly after the procedure and come back for the check-up appointment within two weeks.

What Are The Benefits Of The Transplantation?

There are so many advantages to restoring your natural hairline. Read and explore the wonders of Hair Transplant In Dubai;

  • This is an FDA-approved method, therefore, it is a safe and secure alternative to regrowing your organic hair.
  • Another great fact is the highest percentage of successful results. You will notice a complete transformation within a year.
  • Even women can undergo this procedure. And experience a fast recovery without any scars formations on the scalp.
  • Candidates find it astonishing to be able to style and color their hair according to their moods and preferences. 
  • You can opt for any tools or products without worrying about a negative effect on the growth of the new follicles. 
  • Furthermore, the progress will instill great improvement in your mental health as well. You feel happy from within and this will have positive outcomes on your mood too.
  • Moreover, there are no additional sessions to worry about. It is a one-time procedure. So with great care, you will enjoy healthy changes for a lifetime. 
  • Last but not least, the downtime is absolutely minimal. You can go back to work the next day. And drive yourself home right after sitting your session. 

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