PRP Knees Injection in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah PRP For Knee UAE

Get a Magic Miracle for Knee Pain Relief!

If oral medications are not helping your knee osteoarthritis pain, your doctor may recommend a direct injection shot into your knee joints. So, wouldn’t it be great if this injection is made from your blood?

A procedure uses patients’ blood platelets to help relieve knee pain called PRP. It’s the most popular, clinically tested, FDA-approved treatment for knee pain. But since PRP Knees Injection in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are new to some people, there are inquiries like, how long do these injections take to work? Do people need more than one injection? So, under the sincere recommendations of our PRP doctors and numerous studies, this article contains everything you need to know. Please continue.

About PRP Injections for Knee:

PRP is used previously only for hair loss but now it is coming to help a variety of skin problems as well as joint pains. The procedure remains the same, it can be described as extracting blood from the patient’s arm, passing it through a centrifuge, separating platelets and growth factors, and then re-injecting it into the affected area of ​​the knee joints. The reports conclude that this treatment is effective in most cases up to 95%.

Results of PRP knee Injection Dubai:

But remember that PRP injections affect different levels of pain in different ways. Your doctor may use techniques to make the injections more effective.

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How Does PRP work for Knee Pain?

PRP involves the insertion of platelets and growth factors from the blood into the affected area. Platelets in the blood contain growth factors that, when injected directly into the injured area of ​​the knees, help to repair damaged tissue and causes the formation of new cells. In this way, existing damaged tissue is repaired, results in pain relief, and patients can easily walk, exercise, and live the life they were previously bound to live.

PRP in Combination with Hyaluronic Acid:

Royal Clinic experts believe that the combination of PRP and hyaluronic acid gives better cell production and improved healing of injured knee joints. Combining both syringes will help reduce pain sooner. In any case, patients must receive a medical diagnosis in order to be ideal candidates for this treatment. This is because some patients are allergic to hyaluronic acid or may have low blood platelet levels. However, when it comes to a single solution, PRP is considered to be more effective than hyaluronic acid.

How Much is the Cost?

Injections like PRP prevent you from paying for expensive surgeries. However, the average Cost of PRP Knees Injection in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah starts from AED 699 per session and AED 1,750 per three sessions. These rates are highly affected depending upon the type of syringes used and the skill of the doctor.

How many PRP Sessions are Required?

There is no clear evidence that a specific amount of PRP and injections are required. Most doctors give a single injection, although some give a series of doses over several weeks. In most cases of knee pain, it can be said that 5-6 PRP sessions are sufficient based on patient feedback and doctor’s experience.

Potential Risks:

Despite the artificial injection, PRP knee injections will not negatively affect your knees. Since the product is made from your blood, there is no chance of infection. There is only normal redness at the injection site, as expected with other injections.

Best PRP Knee Injections at Royal Clinic:

We are proud to be at the forefront, using the latest medical technology for plasma injection. Dr. Antoine Ghanem of the Royal Clinic has extensive experience in delivering PRP Knees Injection in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. No matter how successful these injections are, he doesn’t deny the idea of ​​exercising and losing weight to deal with knee pain. His aftercare instructions involve making daily life changes to help the problem recur in the future. Under his supervision, you will no longer experience knee pain in the future, regardless of your age and the complexity of the situation.

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