Laser Hair Removal for Women's Facial Hair in Dubai Price & Cost

Due to physiological differences, purely masculine symptoms like strong facial hair growth can also occur in women. Androgens in excess, inheritance or cultural peculiarities are solely to blame. Hypertrichosis is the name for an overabundance of fine hairs, and hirsutism, or male pattern baldness, is indicated by the presence of terminal (black, hard) hair. Excessive facial hair growth causes severe psychological distress and gives older ladies as well as young girls complexes. Women frequently favor using shaving, waxing, or sugaring to solve the issue. It is important to keep in mind that the hairs will resemble male stubble even more after shaving, and waxing and sugaring can cause discomfort and ingrown hairs. Fortunately, there is already a proven method for getting long-lasting smooth, and silky facial skin. Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Facial Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the most effective way of hair removal.

Laser Zones:

  • The Upper lip. Stiff bristles and barely discernible “antennae” are removed with the Candela laser. The affordable cost of Laser Aesthetics’ upper lip laser hair removal has made it popular with both men and women.
  • The Brows. The laser precisely alters the form of the eyebrows and carefully eliminates hair from the bridge of the nose.
  • Chin and Cheeks. Men who want to stop daily shaving are especially interested in laser hair removal of the chin, beard, and cheeks. Women are enthusiastically enrolling in this surgery as well.
  • Region of Time, Sideburns. You can change the length of the tanks by taking directional action, or you can clear the temples’ vegetation entirely.
  • Neck. The back and front of the neck hairs are entirely removed by the laser.
  • The Hairline. By using the method, you can visually increase the forehead and create an even hairline.
  • Other Regions. The tool successfully eliminates growth on the nose’s wings, and ears.


Best laser-hair-removal-for-womens-facial-hair in Abu Dhabi  laser-hair-removal-for-womens-facial-hair-in-dubai best-laser-hair-removal-for-womens-facial-hair-in-dubai.

laser-hair-removal-for-womens-facial-hair in Abu Dhabi laser-hair-removal-for-womens-facial-hair Clinic in Dubai Best laser-hair-removal-for-womens-facial-hair Clinic in Dubai

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

The impact of light on a certain wave is the foundation of the laser hair removal procedure. Since the skin of the face is more photosensitive, it is advised to wait at least two weeks before having laser hair removal on the face after receiving microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and similar skin treatments to prevent the development of hyperpigmentation.


The Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Facial Hair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi technique’s basic idea is based on the laser beam’s targeted impact on the hair follicles. The hair follicle is heated by the laser to the point of destruction, which inhibits hair growth. The result is skin that is completely hairless and flawless. The type of hair and skin phototype determined which laser to use. Any color of hair can be epilated using laser equipment, and both tanned and swarthy skin types are equally safe.

What to Avoid After the Procedure?

  • Be sure to apply sunscreen for 14 days with an SPF of 30 or higher;
  • For seven days following the treatment, you should avoid taking particularly hot baths and going to saunas.
  • The hairs that appear can be carefully trimmed or shaven; you cannot pluck them.

What are the Advantages?

The main Advantages of facial hair removal are:

  • The skin surface is not affected during laser hair removal, which is rapid and comfortable;
  • There are no remnants, burns, or ingrown hairs after the treatment;
  • minimum prohibitions;
  • The outcome following a single treatment (visible hair removal);
  • No negative effects
  • Effectively eliminates hair from even the most delicate places and any areas;
  • In 4-6 sessions, the laser removes unwanted hair. Then, to maintain the outcome, just a single session (no more frequently than once per year) is required.

Why Choose Us?

With the help of skilled aesthetic medical professionals, Enfield Royal Laser Treatment Clinic provides the best Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Facial Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. We go above and above to provide you with exceptional service and outcomes that exceed your expectations. We are concerned about both your problems and your finances. Therefore, feel free to contact us and learn more about laser therapy options and which laser is ideal for you.