What Are the Treatment Options for Varicose Veins in Dubai Cost

Aging is a natural process. As you grow older your muscles and bones get weak. Along with them your blood vessels also lose their mass and become soft and fragile. There are different types of blood vessels supplying blood to the heart and all the body organs. Similarly, veins are also the type of blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart for oxygenation. These vessels have comparatively low pressure in them and are less elastic in nature. 

Sometimes the veins get damaged and bulge out from the skin. This pooling of vessels causes pain and discomfort resulting in varicose veins. It is effectively treated by various treatments all around. Not all the treatments are suitable for everyone so you should know What Are Treatment Options for Varicose Veins before treating them.

What are Varicose Veins?

These are dense clusters of blood vessels that become visible from the skin’s surface. All the vessels bulge out and form dense clusters of masses. This condition is more commonly caused by abnormal functioning of veins underlying the skin. They fail to carry blood efficiently toward the heart and cause leakage from the veins. This causes the blood to pool out in the leg veins. The pressure of blood gets increases which result in the dilation of blood vessels. The vein valves get dilated leading to the bulging of varicose veins. 

What Treatments Can Be Done?

There is a variety of treatments done for varicose veins. All the procedures are not ideal for every individual.  Each of them has some pros and cons but all may be important in their own way. Your healthcare provider will take your thorough examination and tell you which treatment is right for you. The details of all treatment methods are given below

  • Sclerotherapy:

It is the oldest technique used for treating varicose veins. This procedure is performed by injecting a chemical solution into varicose veins. It is a non-invasive procedure that involves the injection of solution along with nitrogen infusion. This will make the procedure fast and more fruitful. Before you go for this treatment your doctor will carefully examine whether you are a suitable candidate for sclerotherapy or not.


  • It is a non-surgical procedure and involves no cuts or incisions.
  • This method is less invasive and involves minimal pain and discomfort. 
  • It has less risk of complications. 
  • This treatment has no downtime and has the fastest recovery.


  • It is the oldest technique and less advanced.
  • The success rate of this procedure is low.
  • It is not appropriate for sealing larger veins.
  • Hypertonic Saline:

It is also the oldest procedure performed for varicose veins. In this method, a concentrated solution of saline water is injected into the veins. It makes the veins shrink and seals them to prevent any leakage. 


  • It effectively shrinks and seals all the broken veins.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • The solution has a good track record and passes the way.


  • It is a comparatively more painful process.
  • This procedure is not as fruitful and has a low success rate.
  • Chemical Ablation:

It is an advanced technique that enters the vein internally to the full extent. A small device is used that can rotate up to 360 degrees without any laser. Then the vein fusion fluids are then installed in the vein. This treatment is useful when the vein is leaked and follows a twisted path. It depends upon your internal body chemistry to know whether this procedure is suitable or not. 


  • It treats the varicose veins. 
  • It is a less invasive process with minimal side effects.
  • This procedure is done in less time.
  • It effectively treats diseased and larger veins.
  • Venaseal:

It is the latest method used for treating varicose veins. Venaseal is a vein glue that is injected into the saphenous vein detected under ultrasound. This vein glue seals the broken vein and maintains the blood flow in the healthy veins. It is an advanced and latest procedure with many advantages. The doctor will recommend the procedure if this path is suitable for you or not. 


  • It is a painless and comfortable procedure.
  • One injection is involved in fixing
  • This is completed in less time with no downtime.


  • It is a relatively new procedure.
  • It is also approved n some countries.
  • This procedure does not involve long-lasting changes. 


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Which Treatment is Best for Treating Varicose Veins?

The accuracy of treatment for a person varies depending upon the chemistry, age, the severity of vein damage, and the patient’s overall physical health.  The best person who can tell you which procedure is right for you is your vein doctor. He knows all the pros and cons of different treatments and knows which can work effectively. 

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