Varicose Veins Laser Therapy In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

The peace of mind is disturbed whenever we feel pain somewhere in our body. Almost all of us try to endure as much ache as possible but sometimes it is beyond our stoicism. Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted, and often painful veins that typically occur in the legs. And they cause discoloration that irritates you. One of the ways to stop this suffering is through laser treatment. Varicose Veins Laser Therapy  is a Laser Treatment that provides patients with a less invasive and more efficient alternative to traditional surgical interventions. It helps to ensure you stay healthy and active and look incredible at all times.

How Do Varicose Veins Occur?

Dilated blood vessels known as varicose veins appear as clusters on the skin and frequently have blue or purple tints. These veins are found just below the skin’s surface and are a component of the glib circulatory system. They are in charge of returning blood to the heart, as opposed to arteries. These veins have tiny valves to maintain this one-way flow. Normal blood flow is disrupted, though, when these valves deteriorate and are unable to direct blood in the proper direction. This disruption causes the afflicted veins to swell and enlarge, thickening the surrounding skin and darkening its color.

What Are The Treatments?

Varicose veins laser therapy in which the veins that are causing problems are collapsed and sealed off using heat from a laser. It provides a variety of strategies catered to the unique circumstances of every patient. Physicians choose to use laser therapy or injections, depending on the needs of each patient. The removal of the problematic veins is the main objective of these treatments. Patients are guaranteed a comfortable experience with these minimally invasive procedures, which are guided by ultrasound technology and carried out under local anesthesia. The result is a return to clear, healthy skin. Even after a successful course of treatment, routine check-ups are recommended to prevent any recurrence of the condition. However, some patients may occasionally require additional sessions.

The Procedure of Laser Therapy:

The procedure is rather simple. Here’s a general outline of how the procedure typically works:

  • Before anything else, the skin is gently cleansed to get rid of surface impurities.
  • To make the procedure painless and comfortable, numbing cream is applied.
  • A little over ten minutes will pass before the numbing cream starts to work.
  • An outpatient procedure is carried out, and a local anesthetic is carefully applied around the capillaries that are affected.
  • The medical professional will simultaneously turn on the laser, picking a precise setting for your particular issue.
  • Precise laser beams are directed towards the unsightly veins.
  • Ultimately, the high-temperature energy is used to smooth soreness and inflammation with the application of the gel.
  • In order to maximize your rest and recovery, you should plan a daily walk of 30 to 40 minutes as soon as possible and stick with this regimen for about two weeks. This simple exercise can greatly assist in your healing process.

Benefits Of The Therapy:

It has various useful advantages as a treatment option for Varicose Veins Clinic in Dubai. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • This treatment promotes a continuous process of skin repair and rejuvenation, resulting in a remarkable transformation of your skin. 
  • Collagen production will be boosted by newly formed skin cells, improving the texture and general quality of your skin. In turn, during these sessions, any remaining dark spots or scars will be effectively removed.
  • Moreover, laser treatment will permanently eradicate unsightly veins, guaranteeing long-lasting results devoid of regression.
  • Your self-esteem and confidence will rise as a result of this treatment’s positive effects, giving you the self-assurance to dress stylishly and comfortably in any situation. 
  • You won’t even have to wait around because you can carry on with your everyday activities painlessly.
  • Even better, this method of taking care of your skin issues is reasonably priced. You can achieve a complete transformation typically requires three to four sessions.

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