Types Of Stem Cell Therapy An Overview in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

As you grow older, so does your body. This means a constant struggle to perform daily tasks. Eventually, you end up taking supplements to push you forward in life. However, a lack of energy or constant joint pain is causing you massive discomfort. You can not sleep well. Or perform the daily tasks as well. If you are somebody who does not wish to go under the knife. But wish to seek medical help too? Stem Cell Therapy In Dubai is a great treatment option for you. Read about; Types Of Stem Cell Therapy: An Overview in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. 

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Newly generated and innovative technology with a promising strategy. The stem cells are our very own living cells. They repair and fix everything inside our bodies including; the regeneration of tissues or organs during an injury. This therapy is also known as Regenerative Medicine.

What are the Different Types of Stem Cells?

It can be classified into two main categories. One; Embryonic, and two; Adult Stem Cells. Embryonic exists in early-stage Embryo females after pregnancy. These can be isolated and regenerated in the Lab. However, Adult cells are present in the epidermis, bone marrow, and even in the lining of your small intestine. Where they continuously replace old and dead cells to keep your system clean and healthy.


Types Of Stem Cell Therapy - An Overview Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Types Of Stem Cell Therapy - An Overview in Dubai Types Of Stem Cell Therapy - An Overview in Dubai

How Does It Work?

Modern studies and scientists are working on creating human organs and tissues using stem cell technology. Their goal is to treat a variety of diseases. Below is a brief information about the masterplan;

  • Tissue Regeneration: it can be changed and modified. The goal is to create a specific tissue or organ so as to replace it at the site of injury. Or other places where help is needed, including burnt skin.
  • Brain Diseases: it will be used to repair the damage caused inside a brain. Regenerative Medicine can repair stem cells and treat serious health conditions such as; Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s.
  • Blood Cells: red blood cells can be generated inside a laboratory to cure any disease inside a living person. The goal is to empower the red stem cells to fight off white blood cells.
  • Cardiovascular Treatment: new blood vessels are being created to treat closed heart vessels. This means, restoring the blood supply into the heart. The new veins will dismiss the blockage that leads to heart attacks. Hence, your heart continues to work perfectly well.

What Is The Procedure?

The action takes place in a surgical room. However, it is a minimally invasive procedure. Below are a few details about the action plan;

  • The Surgeon will perform a regular check-up test to determine your current pulse and heart rate.
  • He/She will get a few X-rays as well. This will be helpful in terms of detecting any fracture or joint disorder.
  • The expert draws out some blood from you. And puts it into a special machine to separate the beneficial plasma from inflammatory toxins.
  • A number of injections are prepared using the purified blood. These are now injected back into your problematic regions of the body.
  • The duration may last for an hour or less according to the given situation.
  • And lastly, you will be shifted to a recovery room. You can relax or take a nap meanwhile, before getting discharged from home. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Therapy?

There are countless benefits to Stem Cell Therapy In Dubai. Read to learn more;

  • There is no cutting or going under the knife. This is a simple procedure with zero side effects. 
  • It has no downtime nor do you have to worry about any recovery as well. 
  • You can go back to work the following day. Or carry on with life in general without facing any troubles. 
  • It empowers your body. And increase your stamina and overall strength.
  • No anesthesia nor other medications are involved in this therapy.
  • It is a safe and effective approach to treat many problems inside your body, including a few serious diseases such as blockage of Heart vessels.
  • Even the minor or most underlying diseases will be targeted and dismissed beforehand.
  • Furthermore, it is a boost of upgrade to your entire internal system. The body will firmly work effectively to protect you against all harm and diseases. 

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