The Truth About Fat-Dissolving Injections In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

People have experimented with a wide range of choices in their quest for a sculpted and toned figure. It starts with diet and exercise and includes several cosmetic surgeries. Injecting substances that dissolve fat is one such method that has become more and more popular recently. With the use of these injections, unwanted fat may be eliminated without surgery, giving the body a more sculpted appearance. The Truth About Fat-Dissolving Injections In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Injections that dissolve fat without resorting to intrusive procedures or stringent diets. This weight-loss injection helps patients lose fat. The injection’s purpose is to liquefy and remove specific amounts of unwanted fat from areas of the body. Although these injections may seem like a tempting option for people who want to get in shape quickly.

What Are Weight Loss Injections?

These are commonly referred to as fat-dissolving injections. They are non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It helps to remove localized fat deposits in certain body parts. They are made up of injectable medications designed to cause lipolysis, or the disintegration of fat cells. These injections also cause fat to swell up for natural weight loss without dieting or exercise. They are excreted from the body through perspiration and urine. It lowers your appetite, so you eat fewer calories throughout the day. Weight loss injections are a medical procedure, and this treatment involves substances that help individuals lose weight. These injections help reduce hunger.

How Does The Injectable Work?

Applicants may need more than one therapy session to see the desired effects. Additionally, Deoxycholic acid is a common ingredient in fat-dissolving injections. Which breaks up and eliminates fat cells in specific body regions. The body produces deoxycholic acid naturally. Which aids in the digestion and absorption of dietary fat. These injections function as follows:

  • Targeted Injection:

Wherever there is extra fat on the body, such as the chin, tummy, or thighs, The professional will inject a fat-melting substance to dissolve it.

  • Fat Cell Membrane Disruption:

When deoxycholic acid is administered, it acts to damage the fat cells’ membranes in the treated region. The fat cells are weakened by this disturbance.

  • Fat Cell Rupture:

The ruptured membranes lead to the rupture of the fat cells. This disperses the surrounding area’s accumulated fat contents.

  • Natural Elimination:

At this point, the body’s metabolic processes start to take over. Like any other dietary fat, the body progressively breaks down and metabolizes the released fat. The body gradually gets rid of the fat through functions including digestion and excretion.

Important to keep in mind that fat-dissolving injections often result in slow changes. For many weeks or months. As the body breaks down and gets rid of the released fat. The treated region may start to seem thinner and more contoured.

What Are The Facts About The Procedure?

These injections are frequently used to reduce localized fat. And might be used instead of operations like liposuction. Many are thrilled about the introduction of fat-dissolving injections. Finally, we can get rid of fat that won’t go away, no matter how hard we work out or how well we eat. Injections that dissolve fat can help you obtain a leaner, more sculpted body shape with benefits. That endures for two to four years. If you maintain a good diet and consistently exercise, the effects last much longer. But before jumping into any new therapies, it’s crucial to fully comprehend what is involved. The following are the facts of the procedure:

Fact 1: They Are Safe:

Natural ingredients are used in injectable fat-dissolving treatments. Our chin-sculpting injections include deoxycholic acid that has been synthesized. This happens spontaneously and helps in the digestion and absorption of dietary fat by the body. Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is an ingredient in our standard fat-dissolving injections. Once more, this is a natural substance made from soybeans. Both are secure for use and gradually decompose in the body.

Fact 2: Low Side Effects:

Both injectable therapies seldom have side effects. At the injection site, you can have bruising, swelling, itching, soreness, sensitivity to pressure, and excessive warmth. However, this normally goes away in three to five days. Hire a highly skilled physician or nurse to assist in reducing danger.

Fact 3: Non-Invasive:

The injections may hurt for a brief time, as with any needle-based therapy. But the overall discomfort is minor. To lessen discomfort, we also provide the option of numbing the treatment region topically.

Fact 4: No Downtime:

The most important thing to keep in mind about injectable treatments is that they do require some recovery time. The procedures suggest resting for three to five days.

Fact 5: Specific Fat Loss:

In contrast, diet and exercise can help people lose weight overall. Weight loss injections target particular problem regions. These injections may be customized to meet the individual demands of the patient. Whether they relate to persistent belly fat or a double chin.

Fact 6: Natural-Looking Outcomes:

Injections that dissolve fat produce effects that appear natural over time. Patients can anticipate a smoother. And also a more contoured look as the fat cells are gradually destroyed. Without the sudden alterations seen in certain other cosmetic operations.


Even though price shouldn’t be your deciding issue, you still need to do your research. The Cost of Weight Loss-Injections in Dubai ranges from AED 4,000 to AED 6,000. The cost may vary depending on the type of injection, the quantity of sites, post-maintenance, the doctor’s qualifications, and the location.

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