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People wish to have perfectly aligned teeth that make their smile worthful. Many people are getting more prone to dental problems due to poor oral hygiene. They do not pay attention to their teeth and avoid brushing them. Misaligned teeth are a basic problem that gets arises from childhood. This is caused by certain childhood habits such as thumb feeding or it may be hereditary. These overlapped teeth look weird when you grow elder and cause many phycological problems. So if you want to have a beautiful smile then you should pay a visit to our clinic and know about Treatment for Misaligned Teeth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is a Misalignment in Teeth?

Misaligned teeth also named malocclusion which is a common problem caused by multiple factors. This misalignment occurs when teeth do not get enough space to accommodate the jaw. They push other teeth to get space and as a result, they overlap one another. There are some examples in which hereditary factor is also involved in misaligning teeth. Sometimes thumb sucking habits throughout childhood, and using a pacifier or suckler for a long time cause this problem. The effects of malocclusion cause chewing and eating problems. It badly impacts your self-confidence and worsens your smile.

 Common Types of Misalign Teeth:

 The biggest drawback of this problem is that it causes frequent biting of lips, tongue, or jaws. There are some types of misaligned teeth 

  • Overbite:

In this case, the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth

  • Open Bite:

The upper and lower teeth do not come in contact when the mouth is closed.

  • Gap Bite:

There is a large vacant space between your teeth. This emptiness in the middle teeth gives weird look.

  • Crossbite:

This misalignment is formed diagonally. The front upper teeth cross with the lower back teeth.

What is the Procedure?

The misplaced teeth can be corrected by many dental procedures. Each method is done according to your face structure, your teeth placement, and the space between your teeth. The following method is used to treat misaligned teeth

  • Orthodontic Treatment:

This is the treatment used for misaligned teeth. The endodontist takes a thorough examination of your teeth. He will suggest which braces are better for the client before starting the procedure. When the dentist determines the severity of teeth he gets a better idea of whether fixed braces, hidden braces, or clear aligners are suitable or not.

  •  Orthodontic Surgery:

This surgery is done for those patients who have growth abnormalities in their jaws. It is done along with orthodontic treatment to avoid complications. But now with advancements in procedures, this orthodontic treatment is performed without any involvement of jaw surgery.

Why Should Malocclusion be Fixed?

Misaligned teeth make your smile worse. It causes many phycological and oral problems as:

  • Lack of self-confidence and poor morale.
  • Bad breath from the mouth when talking to someone.
  • Affects speech ability and causes a lisp.
  • Causes interference in chewing and eating food.
  • It causes poor oral hygiene and promotes the risk of infection and bacterial growth.

How Long will it Take to Align Teeth?

The time taken for teeth alignment is different for every individual.  It varies depending on the severity of malocclusion and which treatment is opted to solve this problem. Most dental procedures usually take 6 months to three years to give full fledge results. 

The braces take more time to get removed. When the braces are detached then the retainers are applied to the teeth to keep them in place. This will perfectly align teeth and prevent them from coming out of line.

What are Post-Treatment Precautions?

With any dental care procedure dentist surely give some aftercare precautions that should be followed after treatment. Some general instructions after this treatment are as follows:

  • You should gently brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay.
  • Floss your teeth daily using to kill any germs and bacteria.
  • Make sure you do not each hard solid foods such as walnuts or candies.
  • Eat semi-solid food that does not get stuck to your teeth.
  • See your dentist in time and take proper follow-up sessions. 


The results of teeth alignment are permanent and the teeth are aligned properly with no pain and discomfort in the future. This problem is raised in childhood during teeth development that lasts till adolescence. The braces are removed after a certain time period but teeth become aligned in a proper way.

Why Choose Us?

We are supervisors in the market and offer various dental procedures. We have well-qualified doctors who perform all procedures at our Enfield Royal Orthodontists Clinic. We work on our client’s satisfaction and try our best to give the desired results. Moreover, we have cooperative staff that makes our environment pleasant. So if you want Treatment for Misaligned Teeth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah then visit our clinic and give potential to your smile.

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