Can Aligners Change Face Shape in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

A smile can make a lasting impression. But what if you have crooked teeth? The simple and effective method of correcting the position and alignment of teeth is by the use of dental braces or aligners. These days, there are various types of braces and aligners available, from plastic & ceramic to good old-fashioned metallic, these dental tools have existed for a long time and their use in correcting teeth is even more common than it used to be. But before choosing to get your teeth straightened, you may ask, Can Aligners Change Face Shape in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? The answer is both yes and no. continue reading below for a more detailed discussion on the subject.

Why Do Use Them?

Braces and Aligners are not just meant for correcting teeth position, they can also be used to realign the jaw and improve facial symmetry. However, this can vary since each case is different and the expected results can require different types of approaches. What’s common in most cases is the shape of the jawline may change as it depends a lot on teeth placement and adjustments to their alignment can resultantly cause changes in the shape of your jaw. To know more about your particular case we recommend that you schedule an appointment with your orthodontist so that they can classify your particular case and make recommendations after understanding your condition and desired results.

What Facial Changes Can You Expect?

Aligners can apply a certain amount of constant pressure on your teeth. This pressure can cause a phenomenon known as “bone reshaping” where bone under pressure changes its shape slightly to relieve some of the built-up pressure. Changes depend on the extent and angle of pressure exerted which is why it is important to seek professional care when going about the realignment of your oral cavity. Some expected changes are detailed below for reference,

  • Changes To The Jaw Bone:

Depending on whether you have an underbite or overbite, the aligners may apply pressure vertically or horizontally which can realign your jaw bone so that the face may appear to be more circular or elongated as a result.

  • Changes In Facial Symmetry:

After using aligners to improve teeth position and improving under/over bite issues, the symmetry can appear to be more natural since your jaw bone is perfectly aligned with the base of the skull. This means a more symmetrical facial appearance can be achieved and the jaw may not look like its protruding inwards or outwards.

  • Changes In the Position Of Lips:

We’ve heard the myth that lips may look bigger after using braces or aligners, but the truth is that they don’t cause dramatic changes in lip size or shape. However, from a certain standpoint, lips may appear to look different but even that will return to looking normal once the braces or aligners are removed. While wearing aligners, lips may seem to look bigger since the aligners can increase the gap between lips and teeth.


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When Do They “Not” Change Facial Appearance:

  • In cases where minor adjustments are required for improving teeth alignment, you may or may not see much of a difference in the shape of your face. That is because minor adjustments are not enough to make considerable changes to the jaw bone. If you use aligners for a short duration and have a healthy set of teeth, the jaw bone does not change its shape or alignment.
  • Age can play a key role in determining the amount of changes you can expect. Children and young adults can see more prominent changes post aligners since their bones are more prone to regrowth and are easier to mold with less pressure required to make those changes.


As with any other medical treatment, it is important to keep the following facts in mind to get better results from aligners.

  • Ensure proper oral hygiene.
  • Make regular follow-up visits to monitor your progress.
  • Improve your diet to include more healthy food with lots of calcium


Aligners can have the following benefits,

  • Improved ability to chew food properly.
  • Improvements in facial symmetry.
  • No more crooked teeth
  • A more pleasant smile

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