PRP Injection for Ligament Tear in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

PRP is a moderately new treatment technique for quite some time conditions like muscle, tendon, ligament wounds; joint pain; and breaks. PRP infusions can assist with reducing agonizing side effects, advance recuperation and defer joint substitution medical procedures. PRP Injection for Ligament Tear in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is quite cost-effective.

About Treatment:

At the point when you harm a tendon or ligament, your body promptly sends platelet cells to the site of the injury. These cells contain recuperating and development factors that draw in undifferentiated organisms to the harmed tissue and start the maintenance cycle. This cycle can be slow or hindered in the event that the injury isn’t given a chance to mend and the harm deteriorates. With PRP treatment, dermatologists assist the body with a speedy beginning and fasten up the normal recuperating process.

Because of the infusion of your huge number of platelet cells into the place of injury. To acquire the concentrated platelet-rich plasma, we take your very own example blood and twist it in our special Clinic hardware to isolate the platelets from different parts of the blood. Many individuals experience huge alleviation after only one infusion. The recuperating system is continuous; you will probably start to see improvement within half a month.


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What is the Aftercare of this Treatment?

Aftercare is very necessary when it comes to injectables. Following are some recovery attempts:

  • After the therapy, it is prudent that you ice your knee each 2 to 3 hours for 20 minutes each time. Proceed with this for three days. 
  • You may likewise have to take a torment prescription in the event that you have critical agony. 
  • You’ll need to restrict your active work and stay away from exercises that put weight on your knee. 
  • Your primary care physician might suggest involving braces for a couple of days to keep weight off of your knee.
  • It is typical to feel some inconvenience at the infusion site for a couple of days after your strategy.
  • You will be told to stop any calming drugs.
  • You might continue your ordinary exercises yet ought to keep away from any arduous exercises, for example, truly difficult work or activities.

What are the Utmost Benefits of PRP Injections?

This treatment is followed by a number of benefits with minimal or almost no side effects. Some of its benefits may include:

  • There are no added substances in the arrangements so there is ZERO possibility of a hypersensitive response
  • It is the patient’s own blood so the treatment is altogether regular
  • Non-careful so there is almost no recuperation time.
  • Advances in mending and reconstructing the ligament.
  • A brilliant treatment with durable outcomes.
  • Helps in controlling constant knee torment.
  • Limits expanding in the space where osteoarthritis is available.
  • Great for those people who would rather not go through a joint substitution medical procedure.
  • Remakes the insusceptible framework more grounded and better.
  • Can treat tendon and ligament wounds by empowering tissue development.
  • With speedy treatment, you will be gotten back to your typical action levels within half a month.

How much do PRP Injections Cost in Dubai?

The actual cost of this treatment is dependent on multiple variables such as the location of the clinic, level of the clinic, the expertise of the surgeon treating the client, type of equipment used, and need of injections by clients as per their condition.

The actual Cost of PRP Injection for Ligament Tear in Dubai can only be determined by consulting the surgeons at Enfield Royal Clinic.

Why Choose Us?

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