Led Light Therapy Benefits in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

The use of particular high-energy frequencies on tissues to treat skin conditions and enhance them is known as light therapy. The energy then goes toward enhancing cellular functioning. Phototherapy has numerous uses in a wide range of healthcare specialties and may be administered via cool lasers or light-emitting diode (LED) instruments. Dozens of medical scientific articles from renowned universities all over the globe that have undergone the review process and have been published provide evidence for its extensive research. Other names for light treatment include photomedicine, photobiostimulation, photobiomodulation, low-level light treatment (LLLT), red light therapy, cool and soft Laser treatment, and LED light therapy. Continue reading to know all about the LED Light Therapy Benefits in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is the Essence of the Treatment?

The therapy for hands and face are not invasive and activates the natural immune cellular functions to speed up skin renewal and healing using narrow band, non-heating LED light energy. It is advised for skin renewal, sunburns, breakouts, redness, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, sensitivity, inflammation disorders, wound repair, scars, and anybody wishing to bring back the shine of their skin. The first LED light treatment technology is all-inclusive and made to treat different types of skin issues and conditions.

How Does the LED Light Therapy Work?

Utilizing the color spectrum of light waves, LED light treatment has implications for the skin. Good skin cells are damaged and incapable of replenishing themselves regularly in the aging process, skin conditions, or trauma. To heal and regenerate damaged tissue or to kill germs in the event of acne treatment, the skin employs radiation as an energy source. The radiation speeds up tissue repair, increases blood flow, and promotes the formation of elasticity and collagen. The patient simply lies beneath a light screen during the procedure, and the machine takes care of everything.

How is the Therapy Beneficial?

There are several LED Light Therapy Benefits that the individual can enjoy. Some of these are listed below:

  • The procedure is excellent for increasing collagen synthesis. It targets fine lines and creases and penetrates deeply into the subcutaneous tissue, which is beneficial for healthy aging. It enhances elastin strength, skin suppleness, skin glossiness, and appearance.
  • It reduces sebum production, eliminates the bacterium that causes pimples, and calms the skin. 
  • It targets hyperpigmentation while regenerating skin tissues and promoting lymphocyte proliferation. This gives it an A+ for resolving photodamage symptoms.
  • It is praised for minimizing discoloration and for having anti-inflammatory qualities that can lessen puffiness.
  • The therapy also does not involve any downtime and the individual can resume their daily activities after the session. 
  • This is a rosacea therapy that has received medical approval since it raises the body’s natural levels of moisture, reduces the visibility of large pores, improves blood circulation, and speeds up skin restoration.
  • It can be added on after other clinical procedures, including laser or microneedling, to lessen discomfort and recuperation time because it possesses healing capabilities.
  • Additionally, it stops new outbreaks from occurring and provides a UV-free solution to treating dermatitis and psoriasis.

Who is Eligible to Get the Treatment?

Given the variety of techniques to address various skin problems, LED treatments are beneficial for all skin types.

  • The treatment is perfect for anyone who just wants better-quality skin and more brightness.
  • Experts simply advise consulting with a doctor first if a woman is pregnant before beginning therapy.
  • someone who wants to make their skin produce more collagen and elastin.
  • Anybody that has aging spots and patches along with lines and wrinkles is ideal for light therapy. 
  • It is also ideal for anyone who wants to address their acne and breakout problem and also wants to get rid of acne marks from their skin. 
  • It is also helpful for individuals with oily skin as the light energy makes the oil glands less active thereby producing less oil. 


Given that the technology complements a wide range of therapies rather effectively, LED Light Therapy Benefits in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are frequently added to many other types of cosmetic procedures. The advantages vary depending on the color and wavelengths; consider enhanced skin elasticity, less fine wrinkles, and brighter, more youthful-looking skin. Additionally, LED technology might have advantages for the entire body; however, you can learn more about this on our website.