IV Drip Vitamins in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

 Every day experience different kinds of stress. For urban comfort, the body pays for the negative effects of an unbalanced diet, polluted air, and inadequate sleep. Enfield Royal Clinic offers to take a course on the complex restoration of microelements and vitamins from the inside. Laboratory diagnosis and examination can answer many questions about the deterioration of well-being. The possible deficiencies of nutrients, microelements, vitamins, and enzymes can be identified, and IV Drip Vitamins in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can help effectively substitute them.

What are IV Drip Vitamins?

It is a method of promoting health and replenishing a vitamin deficiency based on IV therapy. Depending on the possible deficiencies of the body, the specialist selects the necessary course of a vitamin cocktail.

A special vitamin solution is delivered to the body using a drip and injected through a vein. When administered intravenously, vitamin droppers act at the cellular level, thus improving each structural unit. This introduction of vital elements is much more effective than any other method. It is also used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases and pathologies.

Why get the Treatment?

People living in conditions of a big city experience a decreased and deteriorated immunity. Stress, imperfect ecology, and malnutrition significantly affect the health of the body. Useful vitamin complexes are used in droppers for recovery.

The lack of minerals and microelements negatively affects not only the psychological state and mood but also the appearance:

  • The quality of the skin, nails, and hair deteriorates
  • There are problems with the teeth
  • Leads to chronic fatigue
  • There are diseases of the internal organs and so on.


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What are the Benefits?

The IV Drip Vitamins in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah have an undeniable number of advantages:

  • The treatment has an anti-anemic effect. It saturates the blood with substances that prevent the development of anemia and compensate for the lack of hemoglobin, provides prevention of hypoxia
  • Immunity is strengthened, and organs and tissues are healed.
  • Symptoms of fatigue are eliminated; mental processes are activated.
  • The insomnia is gone, and the mood improves.
  • The lack of hemoglobin is replenished, and signs associated with anemia are eliminated.
  • The skin takes on a healthy appearance, bone tissue is strengthened.
  • Toxins and slags are removed from the body. The blood is cleansed.
  • The treatment has a detoxification effect on metabolism. It removes toxins, poisons, metabolic products, free radicals from the body, improves metabolic processes


The treatment will provide vitamins of groups B and C, solutions of magnesium chloride and calcium, nucleic acids, enzymes, potassium, taurine, and so on. Vitamins through a dropper are instantly absorbed into the blood and promote renewal and healing at the cellular level. Compliance with a healthy lifestyle in combination with proper nutrition will achieve the effect in the shortest possible time.

Vitamin C:

It is a powerful antioxidant. Helps strengthen the immune system, and takes part in the synthesis of hormones and collagen. Accelerates wound healing, and removes toxins and heavy metals from the body. Seals the walls of blood vessels, and prevents the deposition of cholesterol. Vitamin preparation is used to prevent cancer.

Vitamin B6:

It plays a key role in metabolic processes and promotes the nervous system to develop well. Pyridoxine is involved in protein metabolism. Improves the condition of the skin and hair. Increases the level of the hormone serotonin. Supports the production of red blood cells. Used to treat symptoms of anemia.

Vitamin B12:

It is involved in the process of blood formation. The production of red blood cells is normalized. Vitamin deficiency provokes anemia, triggers the process of numbness of the limbs, worsens the state of memory, and increases overall fatigue. Enough cyanocobalamin supports the nervous system, controls cholesterol in the body, and helps regulate growth processes.

Quick Tip! Apart from these common components, there are several others that can be incorporated into the treatment if the doctor recommends. 


At Enfield Royal Clinic the treatment with IV Drip Vitamins in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is carried out according to the appointment after consultation with a general practitioner. In addition to intensive infusion treatment, our experts will give recommendations on the selection of the optimal course of taking dietary supplements and vitamin complexes. Usually, such a course takes from 3 to 6 months. Thus, you will receive a full course of rehabilitation therapy.