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Vitamins are important bioactive compounds that play a role in metabolism, the development of bodily tissues, and nervous system regulation. Patients are given vitamin complexes as part of their treatment plans for disease prevention, body maintenance during illness, and strength recovery. Intravenous vitamin therapy is the best course of action for vitamins. Drugs are chosen based on the type and stage of the disease that is present. They have the capacity to lower pain, maintain blood pressure, etc. Want to know about IV Therapy Dubai Price, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? It has been employed successfully in Dubai.

The goal of IV is physical renewal and healing. Infusion therapy is a technique that involves administering different medications intravenously to treat a variety of ailments while restoring the patient’s body’s normal acid-base, water, and electrolyte balance. 


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IV Therapy Dubai Price: What is It?

This therapeutic method stands out because it gives nutrients to the body intravenously, or right into the bloodstream, which explains how quickly vitamin cocktails work and how powerful they are. The vitamin preparation is made up of a variety of vitamins and amino acids that help the body’s self-healing mechanisms and improve metabolic processes while also nourishing and hydrating cells. Such modifications are advantageous for the patient’s overall health, immunity, and skin and hair conditions.


Women who wish to look youthful and beautiful, athletes and others who lead active lifestyles, businessmen and members of the public sector all choose intravenous vitamin injections. It is recommended to use infusion treatment when:

  • Poisoning by alcohol, allergic responses, poisonous substances, infectious shock;
  • Respiratory illnesses’ propensity;
  • Metabolic conditions linked to chronic illnesses, such as gastrointestinal conditions;
  • The body’s defenses deteriorate, especially after an illness;
  • Stress;
  • Excessive physical strain (a person works a lot, has little rest, intensively goes in for sports).

How is the IV Therapy Procedure Performed?

A doctor’s appointment is the initial step in intravenous vitamin therapy. At this point, the following activities are completed:

  • The patient is examined;
  • Clarification of his condition;
  • Gathering anamnesis (data on current, serious, chronic disorders);
  • Individual dose and medication selection.

The patient is examined by a doctor just before the procedure to gauge their condition. This examination involves checking their blood pressure, glucose levels, pulse, and oxygen levels in the blood. An expert specialist administers the infusion while being closely supervised by a doctor. Thus, we ensure the great efficacy of vitamin therapy while also caring for its safety.

IV Therapy Dubai Price:

IV Therapy Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price can cost anywhere from AED 699 and AED 1000. The price can change depending on a variety of variables, such as the required number of sessions, the type of therapy, the clinic’s level, and its location.

Factors Affecting IV Therapy Dubai Price:

The factors are:

  • Each person requires a different number of sessions. A single session costs less than 4 sessions, while the price will increase if the patient requires more than 4 sessions.
  • The skill of the doctor is also important because highly skilled and experienced professionals treat you with more regard and viability and charge more for their services, whilst doctors with less experience charge less for treatment but skip taking the necessary precautions.
  • When determining the cost of a strategy, the severity of the client’s illness is extremely important. If the client is suffering more severely and the problem is severe, it will require more care and effort to treat and will cost more, whereas those who are only beginning their therapy will be charged less.
  • The area where the facility is officially providing its types of assistance is a key factor determining the cost of the technique, as facilities in high-duty paying areas have a high standing and charge more from their clients due to the significant expense presented nearby as well as because there is a higher requirement for upper class living out there.

Benefits of the Treatment:

The following benefits of the treatment:

  • Resupply is done using fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • It can considerably enhance an athlete’s ability to react quickly and coordinate their various movements.
  • The procedure helps with post-workout recuperation and muscle pain reduction.
  • It gives the user energy and strength.
  • Additionally, it makes people more resistant to viral illnesses.
  • With this therapy, immunity is boosted and recovery can be hastened.


Our highly skilled and knowledgeable medical staff at Enfield Royal Weight Loss Clinic administers IV Therapy Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price to all patients utilizing top-notch infusions. We firmly think that IV infusions should be used to enhance your health and general well-being rather than as a temporary cure to “treat” hangovers. In order to receive intravenous infusions to address your concerns, fill out the consultation form.