How Painful Are Sculptra Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Are you unhappy with the appearance of fine lines on the body areas? These lines appear due to the lack of collagen protein in the body. Unfortunately, as you grow these folded lines and wrinkles get more prominent with time. Women want to combat all the aging signs to attain a youthful appearance. Keeping in view this problem many effective procedures are introduced in the market. The cosmetic industry is becoming popular and people are opting for many procedures without any fear. 

Sculptra is a treatment that is used for adding volume to the skin. It is given in the form of injections to minimize the visibility of lines and wrinkles. People might think How Painful Are Sculptra Injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? You can come to know about all the pros and cons of this treatment by visiting our clinic.

What is Sculptra?

It is a type of dermal filler that is composed of poly L lactic acid. These fillers are injected into the skin’s surface to give a smooth appearance. Its purpose is to smooth all fine lines and wrinkles. These injections are given in the hips and buttocks areas of the body. It is a gel-like substance that triggers collagen production in the skin. They make the skin elastic and firm and promote collagen production in the skin. 

How it is Done?

Sculptra is a non-surgical procedure that involves no pain or discomfort. It is done in an office visit and requires less time. Firstly the doctor will clean the area to be treated. He may apply local anesthesia to avoid pain and pinching. Then the gel-like substance is injected into deep dermal layers. These injections give good results in certain body areas such as the buttocks or thighs. You can smooth your skin and fade away all the fine lines and wrinkles. 


These injections help us to get plump skin. It adds volume to the flat site and makes it voluminous. Your doctor will give you some instructions for long-lasting results.

  • You should avoid strenuous exercise. Doctors ask you to prevent weight lifting after injections.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • You should take proper sessions to get more fruitful results.
  • You may feel bruising or bleeding after injections. It is advised to use cold ice packs in that area.
  • You should prevent direct exposure to the sun. 


Sculptra is considered a safe and innovative material that is given via injections. It has numerous benefits that are given below

  • It adds volume to certain body areas giving a fuller appearance.
  • It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and folds on the skin.
  • It smooths and evens the skin tone and texture.
  • It stimulates collagen production in the skin that restores firmness.
  • The person can get back to normal routine immediately.
  • It has a quick recovery rate.
  • You can feel a noticeable difference and 80 percent of targeted areas are effectively treated. 

Are these Injections Safe?

Yes, these injections are absolutely safe. They trigger collagen production without any internal damage. These injections include no serious or life-threatening side effects. 

What to Expect?

You can feel pain and bruising after getting injections. Immediately after the injections, you will notice plump skin. All the lines will be removed instantly. You can expect pain, redness, and bruising after injections but that will subside after some days. There is no downtime and you can get back to your normal activities. 

Recovery and Results:

The results of Sculptra are natural and gradual. It triggers collagen production in the skin which takes some time for around 6 weeks. The results are long-lasting and you will notice a huge difference in the appearance and texture.

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