Hair Loss Treatment Costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

Loss of hair is very common now a day due to the changing environment, dust in the air, ill nutrition and sometimes it is due to genetic reasons. But technology has revolutionized human life by providing brilliant solutions to these problems. Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is quite reasonable.

Hair Loss:

There can be multiple reasons for hair loss such as ill nutrition diet, atmospheric reasons, or genetic issues. Hairfall due to alopecia happens gradually with time and has a slow pace. Meanwhile, other people face this problem of baldness very soon or in their teenage.

Treatments And Cost:

Multiple treatments can be used for the regrowth of lost hair. 


Toward the beginning of the FUE hair relocate method, individual follicular unions are taken from a patient’s benefactor region through a minuscule cut made at the site of every follicle utilizing insignificantly obtrusive innovation. The benefactor site is generally at the rear of the head where development will in general be the most strong. Just the follicles with the most elevated possibility of relocation endurance are chosen for implantation. These follicles are ready by gifted professionals with a powerful stereomicroscope.

To get ready for the hair to relocate, the regions where the follicles will be set – considered the ‘beneficiary regions’ are shaved. Then, when the follicles are prepared, little cuts are made in the beneficiary regions to match every understanding’s normal hair development design, before every follicle is exclusively established utilizing the imaginative ability of the specialist. The hair relocates specialist gives point by point consideration to the area, profundity, and point of every follicle when it is relocated to guarantee even inclusion. This approach amplifies the thickness and inclusion for the diminishing regions to guarantee the most ideal outcomes – a renewed head of hair with a characteristic hairline.


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Best Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Hair Loss Treatment Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


The estimated cost for this treatment is AED6000 to AED8000 in Dubai.


Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT or the strip strategy relocate) is one of the most established hair relocate procedures that is still very famous because of its viability.

A possibility for individuals is experiencing long-lasting going bald i.e., for both male and female example sparseness as well as patients with hair diminishing issues. The strategy includes eliminating a direct piece of hair-bearing skin from the contributor area to separate the follicles.

The strip is then partitioned cautiously to get individual unions, which are relocated into the bare or diminishing region of the scalp.

When the strip is eliminated, the benefactor region is sewed up by the specialist

The follicles are joined into the beneficiary region utilizing the miniature uniting strategy.

A slight straight scar is left from where the strip is eliminated.

The recuperation time frame is between 2-4 weeks including a couple of long stretches of bed rest.


The cost of this treatment may range from AED6000 to AED8000 in Dubai.


  • What going bald treatment does is utilize your platelets such that main the enhanced cells that contain different sorts of proteins remain.
  • The blood is turned in an axis and the plasma is isolated and afterward eliminated from the remainder of the blood.
  • These platelets are then focused to 3x the ordinary blood esteem. This is then trailed by an infusion of the platelets into your scalp region.
  • No prescriptions are expected for pre or post-system.
  • The methodology requires only a couple of infusions into the scalp region where the hair is as of now diminishing.
  • An effective sedative is applied to the scalp, an hour before the method, to limit any minor uneasiness from the infusions.
  • The strategy will require roughly a few ways from the time your blood is drawn until the plasma is infused into your scalp.


The estimated cost for this treatment may range from AED1000 to AED3000.

Laser Therapy:

Assuming you’ve recently seen hair issues or misfortune, it’s smart to attempt Laser Hair Therapy for going bald. The laser light produced by explicit laser hardware further develops blood course and recuperates tissues with cell metabolic issues. It likewise advances the rebuilding of commonplace physiological tissues, bringing about thicker, better hair. Under particular conditions, positive results show up quicker, even though people can’t predict this with lucidity.


The overall cost for this treatment may range from AED1200 to AED2000 in Dubai

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