Can You Get Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery in Dubai Cost

The enlarged breast in men is a serious disease associated with abnormal growth of the structure of breast tissue. It is diagnosed in 50 to 60% of men under the age of 45. Often the causes of this condition are wrong lifestyle, hormonal disorders, and other factors. A radical way to get rid of gynecomastia is the surgical removal of breast tissue. But Can You Get Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is the Issue?

The problem in its most basic sense is an enlargement of the breast tissues in men. It occurs due to the growth of glandular tissue or the formation of fatty deposits in the chest area. It is a benign pathology, but existing for a long time, it increases the risk of developing breast cancer. That is why it is important to identify the causes of the problem in a timely manner and take the necessary measures to eliminate them.

Men with this issue lose their flat male torso and their figure acquires a feminine outline. Breast augmentation in men is not only an aesthetic but also a medical problem since this issue is often caused by an internal pathological process.

What are the Causes?

It is not necessarily a manifestation of a disease, but maybe a variant of the physiological norm at a certain age:

In newborns, 60-90% of cases; are associated with intrauterine ingestion of the mother’s female sex hormones into the baby’s body; do not require medical intervention, and disappear on their own during the first month of a child’s life

In puberty it occurs in boys aged 13-14 years; more often bilateral occurs due to the immaturity of the adolescent reproductive system, the predominance of female sex hormones over male sex hormones; usually goes away without treatment, sometimes requires hormonal drugs or surgery

In the elderly, it is the result of an age-related decrease in the synthesis of testosterone in the body of a man and the predominance of estrogen.

When to See a Doctor?

The men suffering from the problem do not report any major issues, but they complain about an increase in one or both mammary glands and a feeling of heaviness or pain when touched. However, if men experience any severe symptoms like enlarged and darkened nipples or notice any swelling, they must consult the doctor immediately. The doctor will not only help you find the cause of the problem but also help you choose the appropriate treatment.


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The treatment can be non-surgical or surgical depending on the complexity and cause of the issue:

Non-Surgical Treatment:

If the doctor thinks a non-surgical approach is more appropriate, he will focus on the elimination of major symptoms and resolve the cause of the problem which is hormonal imbalance. This kind of treatment will require the collaboration of several specialists like the endocrinologist, urologist, and general practitioner.

But the straightforward answer to the question Can You Get Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is that a non-surgical approach can only slow down or prevent further growth of mammary glands. It cannot remove the already existing enlarged breasts. This makes it necessary that both methods are combined to achieve a comprehensive treatment.

Surgical Treatment:

There are two types of surgical treatments that can be performed, and these include liposuction and mastectomy. A small incision is made to pump out the adipose tissue. However, if in some cases the breasts are more pronounced breast reduction will be performed. In this surgery, the glandular tissue is surgically removed.


At Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic, all the described symptoms are removed by an integrated approach, through the normalization of the patient’s condition, namely the control of nutrition and the organization of the activity regime. It is also important to control the level of stress, which is directly related to the quality of sleep, the balance of minerals in the body, and other factors. If adherence to a diet regimen does not give a result within 2 years from the start of treatment, the attending physician may recommend surgical treatment of gynecomastia, that is, the removal of excess fatty tissues of the mammary gland.