Why Is Endodontic Treatment Necessary in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

The root of each tooth contains pulp which is necessary for tooth stability and growth. It also separates nerve endings and acts as the gateway for nutrients required for creating dentin, the hard material which makes up most of the body of each tooth. Over time, this pulp may develop the risk of infection due to any number of reasons including but not limited to injury, a crack in the tooth crown, previous dental procedures, periodontal disease, or bad oral hygiene, and may require dental intervention. You may ask Why Is Endodontic Treatment Necessary in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? the answer is quite simple, first, the pain from infected pulp is immense and can leave you sleepless and unable to perform the very basic of daily tasks. Secondly, and more importantly, loss or infection of tooth pulp can cause degeneration of the tooth making it brittle and in the worst cases, eventual loss of a tooth.

The Need For Endodontic Treatment:

The main purpose of treatment is the removal of infected pulp from the root and replacement of it with dental fillings in order to relieve pain and provide stability to the tooth. Since failure to get treatment can result in spreading the infection to another tooth, tooth decay, and even removal of the tooth, it is necessary to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid further risks.

Look For The Signs:

Endodontic treatment may be prescribed to patients with the following symptoms.

  • Pain when eating or chewing food
  • Increased sensitivity combined with pain when drinking hot or cold beverage/water.
  • Loose teeth caused due to tooth decay
  • A chipped or cracked tooth crown
  • Swelling in the surrounding gum or jaw

Preparing For Treatment:

Before seeking treatment it is important to consult an orthodontist. Orthodontists are dentists who specialized in endodontic treatments and not every dentist is an orthodontist. Prior to the procedure, it is important to know preparatory precautions which include,

  • Don’t take blood thinners or heart medication prior to the procedure.
  • Discuss your medical history including any medication that you may be taking, any allergies, or any previous dental treatment.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking since both lead to blood thinning which is not recommended before any surgical procedure.

How Does It Work? – Endodontic Procedure Explained:

Endodontic treatment generally referred to as root canal treatment can be divided into a three-step process that involves,

  • Accessing And Cleaning Infected Pulp:

After administering local anesthesia, the orthodontist will drill a small hole to get access to the tooth pulp inside. Then the infected pulp is extracted and the cavity is thoroughly cleaned to prevent future infection.

  • Adding Filling To The Cavity:

The doctor then closes all nerve endings, especially at the apex of each root to cut off the supply of nutrients to any bacteria that may get inside, and adds a specific dental filling to add stability to the tooth. This also prevents sensitivity and the tooth loses the tendency to become brittle.

  • Sealing The Opening & Restoration Of Crown:

The procedure ends with sealing the opening to the root and adding another temporary filling or replacement crown. In case of excessive tooth decay, extraction may be considered.


Although the procedure is painless, slight sensitivity may persist for a week after the procedure and any pain might be treated with OTC medications prescribed post-procedure. Apart from that, following instructions might help in achieving desired results.

  • Avoid driving back, local anesthesia might impair your driving abilities
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption which reduces healing.
  • Avoid hard edibles or anything too hot or too cold
  • Consult immediate medical care in case of bleeding or any unusual swelling or pain.

Benefits Of Early Treatment:

Benefits of orthodontic treatment include,

  • Possible to avoid tooth extraction
  • Less costly
  • Almost painless
  • Lasting results
  • Prevents future infection

Book a Consultation:

Seeking dental care at the right time is necessary to avoid the worst possible outcome that s why we at Enfield Royal Orthodontists Clinic in Dubai recommend seeing immediate dental care in case you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Just fill out the form below to book a consultation now that you know Why Is Endodontic Treatment Necessary in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?