What Is The Purpose Of A Labiaplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Numerous cosmetic procedures are conducted every day for aesthetic appearance and satisfaction. With growing knowledge, women too are empowering themselves with advanced modifications for personal growth and health. So many changes occur inside and outside your body after pregnancy. Which leads you to feel a lack of confidence within. Even during your intimate moments, a feeling of discomfort drags your mind elsewhere. We know exactly what you are going through, and this is why, we are here to help. Read about; Labiaplasty In Dubai. Discover; What Is The Purpose Of A Labiaplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And talk to a specialist to aid and guide you further for a better lifestyle and mental health!

What Is Labiaplasty?

This is a cosmetic and invasive procedure that is performed to reshape or reduce the size of the labia minora. With growing age, or due to multiple childbirth; the area under care will naturally lose its elasticity and firmness. Hence, with the passage of time, this region is going to expand. As a result, it causes a number of mishaps and discomforts to occur. Not to mention over-sweating or stability for natural resistance. This is why, a Labiaplasty is implemented to restore the skin’s natural appearance by reversing the aging factors. Or the changes that have occurred due to natural phenomena. To sum up, the sole purpose of this surgery is to remove the outgrown skin and reshape the vaginal wall to intact the uterus in a frame in general.

Why Would I Consider This Surgery?

Women who have gone through the pregnancy period or do not wish to give birth anymore can definitely consult a specialist. Also, all those ladies; who are facing challenges during sexual intercourse are also eligible to consult a specialist. He/She will examine the well-being and condition of your body. If unusually relevant symptoms of health or aesthetic destruction are spotted, your Gynecologist will sign you up for this treatment. 

How Is The Method Performed?

This is a delicate and fragile procedure. The process requires precision in details and flexible time to complete the treatment. Below is a brief information about the steps and stages;

  • The action takes place inside an operating room. And you are drawn under the influence of general anesthesia to modify the changes.
  • Your surgeon will begin by reshaping the vaginal lips. The extra skin around the region is cut manually to restore the framing.
  • Hence, the surrounding areas are perfectly tightened and sutured together. Some topical medication is applied on top to prevent any infection. 
  • In the end, you are taken back to your private room. You are given a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to sleep while the anesthesia wears off.
  • Usually, a day or two-night stay is advised for the safe monitoring of your health. However, you could go back home within 48 hours if no serious hazards related to your overall health are detected.
  • Lastly, your future check-up appointments are rescheduled beforehand. And finally, you are sent home with some aftercare safety precautions to heal swiftly. 

What Are The Results And Benefits?

There are comforting outcomes of Labiaplasty In Dubai. Read to find out;

  • You feel empowered from within. And the best part is, there are no more embarrassing moments to worry about.
  • Whether you are at the beach or at a pool party. You can look your very best even if you are wearing a swimsuit or a bikini. 
  • During your intimate moments, no sense of self-consciousness is going to prevent you from being or living in the moment. 
  • It is a boost to your confidence. And you feel positive about your body modifications as well.
  • There are no more excessive sweating or other mishaps that are going to interfere with your personal hygiene and aesthetic appearance either.
  • Furthermore, it is a restoration and upgrade to your youthfulness. You can comfortably practice in all physical activities.
  • As a result, your self-esteem increases. These positive changes allow you to live and enjoy your life just like the good old days.

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