What Is The Best Treatment For Lipoma in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Lipoma is rare, harmless, and formed by accumulated fatty acids beneath the skin. Any lump formed under the skin at the site of muscles can be scary, but most are painless and harmless. These lumps are noncancerous and can be created anywhere on the body. Lipoma does not cause severe health issues but sometimes if bothering it should be treated. People of any age can develop these lumps that are mostly;y benign and harmless.

Usually in middle age lipoma is developed but they are smooth and rubbery to touch also dislodges by applying pressure on your finger. Usually, they are soft-formed by an accumulation of fats. But if the lipoma feels tender while touching then you should consult the doctor. This pain and tenderness might lead to other health issues so it is better to treat them. Visit us and come to know about what is the best treatment for lipoma.

What is a Lipoma?

It is a round and oval-shaped lump of tissues that is formed under the skin. They are painless and harmless formed by the accumulation of fat cells. They appear smooth and soft and dislocate from their original position when little pressure is applied by the finger. They are benign in nature and do not invade surrounding tissues. They grow slowly and do not have any sign of invasion. They can grow anywhere on the body but they are mostly formed on the neck region, chest, back, and shoulders. They can also form inside the body and you even do not know where are they growing. They are soft and rubbery in texture but some lipomas are hard and tender which may also be painful.

Symptoms of Lipoma:

Lipomas are usually painless but you can feel discomfort if they are pressed against a nerve or a joint. Many people with lipoma do not have any symptoms but they can be recognized as:

  • They are small oval or round-shaped lumps of rubbery tissues.
  • They are usually encapsulated and do not invade other tissues.
  • Some lipomas may be painful depending on their size and location.
  • They are present under the skin’s surface and dislodge when touched.
  • They are smaller than 2 inches in diameter.

Causes of Lipoma:

There is no accurate cause of lipoma discovered yet. It is considered as lipomas can be inherited but sometimes may be caused by other reasons that are given below

  • Ander’s Syndrome:

This syndrome is rare and causes the formation of painful lipomas on the arms, legs, and trunk. This syndrome is also known as dercum disease.

  • Hereditary Lipomatosis:

This disorder is hereditary and passes down through the families. It is characterized as multiple growths of fatty tissues on certain body regions. The number of lipomas varies from person to person.

  • Madelung’s Disease:

This disorder is caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol and destroys the lungs. It is similar to multiple lipomatosis and cause the growth of lumps around the neck and shoulders.


For diagnosis of a lipoma, a doctor may perform: 

  • Physical examination of a candidate
  • A sample of tissue is removed for lab examination.
  • An X-ray or CT scan is performed if the lipoma is large it has unusual features and appears deeper than fats.

What is the Treatment for Lipoma?

Most lipomas do not need any treatment. But if these lipomas are bothering you they can be removed by performing surgery. These surgical procedures are safe and effective and you can return back to your home on the same day of surgery. The other alternative to surgical procedures is liposuction. Liposuction is done to remove lipomas and serves as the best treatment for the removal of lipomas.

Why Choose Us?

Extra fats get accumulated in the body and come out of the body as lumps. These lumps are usually not painful but if they are bothering you they need to be removed. We offer the best treatments for removal at our Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Dubai. Visit us and come to know about What is the Best Treatment for Lipoma in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.