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During the short time of human lives, they end up encountering multiple health issues which directly or indirectly eventually end up generating severe health concerns. This phenomenon can immensely be extracted from the practical study and research of gynecology where every issue if not timely treated will be generating another health problem. That is why it is better to consult and get treated by The Best Gynecologist For PCOS in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. No matter what causes these intense health hazards either they are carried on by the patient since birth or end up indulging in them merely during and after encountering any specific health condition. 

What Is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a syndrome that causes irregularity of menstrual periods or sometimes the patients have faced a blockade or missed the periods cycle as well. Along with that, they end up observing an extra amount of hair growing on their physical body, as well as the weight is also gained near the belly. The patient might also end up owning infertility while on the other hand, there are large cysts within the ovaries. All of these symptoms and others are generated simply from the imbalancement of hormones. The dermal layer becomes oily along with the seen acne on the face.   

How Does The Best Gynecologist Help Treat PCOS?

Gynecologists are generally consulted by an individual when a problem arose which is linked to their reproduction system. Most women are clueless regarding which specialist to exactly consult for treatment when they commence observing these changes in and on their bodies. However, gynecologists are categorized to be treating issues related to fertility and the menstrual cycle, so they are more helpful in diagnosing and treating interlinked concerns as well. Furthermore, they are also well aware of the consequences faced by the patient due to the imbalance in their hormones and mostly end up following the pattern of customized course of action to proceed with the treatment.  

How It Is Diagnosed And Treated?

Polycysts are generally not easy to diagnose, the following procedures are applied to detect their presence within the human body.

  • Blood Test:

The presence of excessive hormones and androgens helps diagnose PCOS in the patient. Sometimes the glucose level, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels are also helpful in analyzing.   

  • Ultrasound: 

With the help of ultrasound, the specialist will be able to visually observe the organs, tissues, and blood vessels. With the help of this, the size and structure of ovaries and uterus are analyzed along with the expected fact of having cysts.   

What To Expect During The Treatment Of PCOS?

The treatment organized by the specialists is briefly explained below. The procedure for the medication is organized and arranged customizing by taking into account the stance of the patient on pregnancy, like whether the woman needs to proceed with the process of getting pregnant or vice versa.  

  • According to the specialists firstly the patient need to have a change in their physical activities along with their diet.
  • Aside from that the patient is then immensely indulged in the consumption of medicine which is used to maintain insulin, birth control, and menstrual.
  • Setting aside these general symptoms other major symptoms are interlinked to this health issue and are also treated medically.

Benefits Of Timely Treatment:

The benefits attained by the former patients of General Gynecology In Dubai are precisely mentioned below.

  • PCOS is taken as a normal health issue that is efficiently treated by gynecologists.
  • The minimalistic cysts generated due to the imbalance of hormones are easy for the gynecologist to treat.
  • Changing pattern and flow of the menstrual cycle is also effectively treated by the gynecologist.
  • If the woman is interested in proceeding with getting pregnant the gynecologists can get the detailed precautionary measure along with the dos and don’ts regarding it.
  • While constantly undergoing the check-ups the specialists can timely detect, diagnose and treat any other expected and unexpected health issues which can be faced by the patient.
  • Furthermore, while constantly consulting the specialist they will be able to have a thorough history of health conditions which will be beneficial for them in the procedure of treatment.  
  • With the help of regularly following the precautionary measures, the patients are protected from facing severe consequences.

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