Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Millions of people desire naturally white teeth and a sparkling smile. But even if you were not as fortunate as others because of your tooth enamel color, you shouldn’t give up because contemporary dentistry in Belarus enables you to treat even the most severe and seemingly intractable oral health issues.

There are currently a number of methods for teeth whitening, each of which has a few benefits and drawbacks. We provide information on the most popular teeth-whitening procedures and Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah so you can select the one that is best for you.

How is Teeth Whitening Procedure Performed?

Visit a specialist before deciding on the best whitening technique for you. Before anything else, it’s critical to comprehend what led to the yellowing of the teeth. Additionally, the specialist takes x-rays, assesses the general health of the teeth, and examines the gums. A professional oral cleaning and demineralizing therapy should be performed before the bleaching procedure. A dental hygienist performs the bleaching process. In this instance, the specialist employs a concentrated gel that operates either on its own or in conjunction with a laser or light. The length of the process directly relies on the technique employed, however, in order to get a permanent result, the patient needs to return to the dental hygienist’s office.

Benefits And Drawbacks of The Basic Whitening Techniques:

The Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are given below along with their types:


When performing a process like photobleaching, a specific gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth. UV light is utilized to finish the procedure because it directly activates the whitening process. The operation typically lasts for 20 minutes before being repeated, and only then. After all the adjustments, teeth are fluoridated to fortify the enamel.


  • Safe (no negative side effects) is the procedure;
  • The outcome is very immediately apparent;
  • The entire whitening procedure lasts approximately one hour;
  • There are hardly any limitations.


  • Patients under the age of 20 and expectant women are not candidates for the operation;
  • The desired outcome is not always possible to accomplish;
  • Increased sensitivity of the teeth for the first two days following the surgery;
  • The outcome is not long-lasting.

Teeth-Whitening Laser:

Modern laser teeth whitening works in the following way: after applying a particular gel to the teeth, a laser is used to activate it. Depending on the natural color of the enamel, the total time to whiten all teeth ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.


  • Qualitative outcome following the initial appointment;
  • Enamel is strengthened;
  • It works as an antimicrobial (prevents tooth decay);
  • If you take good care of your teeth, the impact could endure for three to six years;
  • Not harmful to the enamel (can be carried out even after removing the braces).


  • Increased sensitivity of the teeth in the days following whitening;
  • Women who are nursing or pregnant should not have the operation;
  • High cost.

Chemical Bleaching:

Chemical teeth whitening is one of the most efficient ways to get a pearly white smile, but it’s not for everyone. The gel is applied to the teeth for 15 to 60 minutes. Only healthy teeth without any external flaws are treated with this technique for cracks, chips, carious lesions, etc. Such a process must be performed in a dental facility; otherwise, the outcome may not only be useless but also harm tooth enamel.


  • Affordable cost
  • High performance.


  • After the surgery, the teeth are sensitive;
  • The likelihood of getting an uneven shade exists;
  • The less predictable outcome is the inability to always get the desired outcome.

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