Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Men often experience less sexual interest shown by women due to the penile shortening. As well sometimes this shortening becomes a reason for not getting pregnant. But there remains nothing to worry about because technology has done a vast range of success in this field as well Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is quite affordable and effective in results.

Penile Enlargement:

It is a process used to increase the size length and thickness of the penile. In nature, it can be a non-invasive treatment that is totally based on injectables as well the penile can be surgically implanted to enhance the size. This treatment is also known by the name Male Enhancement surgery


The surgery is simply done in a few steps followed one by one. 

  • At first local anesthesia is induced on the patient to make him unconscious. This helps in a painless procedure. 
  • Then a specific part of the body is selected to get fat tissue from and fat is taken out of there with the help of liposuction. 
  • The fat is then refined and filtered. 
  • This filtered fat is then filled in the syringes and then induced in the penile where it is needed. 
  • Total contouring is provided carefully to get the exact expected result for which it is recommended to have this treatment done by an expert.
  • There is not much downtime. The patient may interface some bruises for the time being.

Cost of Penile Enlargement in Dubai:

The cost of this treatment is dependent on variables such as:

  • The expertise of the sexologist performing this treatment because highly experienced sexologists cost more for such cautious intimate surgeries. 
  • Secondly, comes the quality of services provided at the clinic which directly increase the overall cost. 
  • The client’s condition also matters a lot in deciding the cost because the amount of fat extraction from the body and the amount needed to be injected depends upon the condition of the penile.
  • Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can be AED 10,000 to AED 12,000 according to the estimate.
  • The actual cost of this treatment can only be determined by the sexologist at the time of consultation by experiencing the penile condition.

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