Is Gynecomastia Covered by Insurance in Dubai Royal Dubai

Gynecomastia is a medical name given to the treatment to reduce overgrown male breasts. It corrects overdeveloped breasts in men. It is primarily done for cosmetic purposes, and most insurance companies do not cover it. The primary cause of this problem is weight gain, and other reasons may include the use of narcotics, alcohol, or certain prescription medications. The cost of Gynecomastia is relatively high, which often raises the question, “Is Gynecomastia covered by insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?


The average cost of Gynecomastia can range from AED 14,000 to AED 25,000. The cost can exceed or drop depending on the expected results and the complexity of the procedure.

Cost varies depending on several factors, and to get a precise estimate in your case, you need to consult with your doctor.

Is Gynecomastia Covered by Insurance?

A straightforward answer to the question is NO! It won’t be covered with health insurance in most cases.

Breast reduction surgery for men is mainly aesthetic. Most health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures. In some cases, the program may cover the entire process. You can discuss this with your healthcare provider to see if the situations apply to you.

Almost all cosmetic surgery procedures are considered ineligible for an insurance plan in the UAE. They are elective procedures, not necessarily ones that are why insurance companies keep them out of their plans. However, you could consult with your insurance company to better understand their policy.


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Factors That Determine Insurance Coverage:

A critical factor in determining if plastic surgery is covered by insurance is considered medically necessary by your doctor and the insurance company.

Most cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation and small growths, are not covered by insurance because they are unnecessary.


If breast augmentation causes moderate to severe breast pain that results in functional or physical impairment, the insurance company may decide on some of the procedures. However, the inability to participate in social, athletic activities is not considered a functional or physical impairment.

How long the problem was present for:

The condition must last for at least two years, and the cause is assessed using various standard laboratory tests. Possible laboratory tests may include tests for hormones, liver enzymes, serum creatinine, and thyroid function tests.

Age of the Patient:

Some health insurance policies only cover patients with gynecomastia under 18 when they have stopped taking all nutrients, over-the-counter drugs, and others known to have worse side effects, such as their male breasts.

Cause of the Problem:

Insurance may cover the surgery if the underlying cause of the disease is breast glandular tissue rather than body fat. If you have body fat, the insurance company may say obesity is the problem, so you need to lose weight before considering paying for the surgery.

Financial Offers:

If your insurance company does not deal with aesthetic surgery and you are forced to pay a large sum to get rid of your problem, then we have a solution for you.

We accept a wide variety of payments including cash, checks and all major credit cards. We also work with a healthcare finance company that offers a wide range of payment plans. If you are interested in funding male breast enhancement surgery, we would be happy to discuss this option during your initial consultation, which is completely free.

Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai offers affordable pricing plans with easy application options. Our finance team provides one or two offers, including installments and discount packages. Please note that our add-on plan is interest-free, and you can use it any time the cost is higher. Alternatively, you can check our social platforms for more updates.

The Takeaway:

Are you thinking of a Gynecomastia Treatment Approach in Dubai? Enfield Royal Breast Clinic is proud to serve patients in Dubai with the most satisfying results. Our experts will thoroughly review your options, goals, and more to see if you are an ideal candidate for gynecomastia. All the information mentioned in the article about the question “Is Gynecomastia Covered by Insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?” is not an alternative to the information provided by your insurance provider. Make sure to discuss your options with them in detail.