How to Stop Hair Fall in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Hair fall is now something that can be experienced by a teenager as well. Men and women both are fighting against it. Hair Fall not just only makes your look down but also shed your confidence when you see yourself in comparison to the one with the volumized hairs. Enfield Royal Clinic is providing the best solution to the question of many about How to Stop Hair Fall in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and get amazing and cost-friendly results.

Causes of Hair Fall:

Hair fall can be caused due to multiple reasons so it is really very necessary to first know the basic cause behind the hair fall so that you can treat the root cause of this problem which can lead you to permanent hair loss and baldness. Some of the basic and prominent causes can be:

  • Loss of hair due to aging or at the age of 40 due to changes in hormones.
  • It can be due to inheritance which let the hair fall started right after the age of 25 from the receding hairline and lead to complete baldness.
  • In women, it can be seen after childbirth right after delivery, or also after a C-Section.
  • Less and no hair care can also be a reason for hair fall.
  • More strick and tightened hair designs can also make your hair roots weak and lead to hair fall.
  • Patients fighting against cancer also face hair fall due to chemotherapies and x-rays.
  • Pollution in the environment can also cause your hair to fall due to weak roots.
  • Chemical hair products can make your hair fall.
  • Some sort of medications can also be a reason for hair loss.

The Best Way to Get Rid of it:

The best ever minimal invasive procedure to deal with hair fall is PRP which is utilized to treat androgenetic alopecia. A sort of going bald that makes hair follicles recoil. This treatment includes drawing an example of the patient’s blood and placing it into a rotator machine. The blood is turned at a fast rate which makes its parts discrete. The platelets are then removed for infusion. PRP contains proteins and development factors that oppose the harm done to hair follicles and regrows hair.


  • Negligible distress during the whole procedure
  • The actual treatment requires around 10 to 15 minutes
  • Insignificantly obtrusive methodology
  • Advances hair development
  • Forestalls and treats hair diminishing
  • Can groundbreakingly affect patients with alopecia or a resistant problem that goes after the hair follicles

When the Results Can be Seen?

You ought to realize that the outcomes vary starting with one individual and then onto the next as per the ailment, age of the patient, and the reason for balding. Besides, you shouldn’t anticipate quick outcomes after the infusion, as the recovery of hair cells takes something like a little while, and the end-product is not seen until following a half year.

The underlying outcomes might show up after the third and fourth meetings as slight hair development at the infusion locales, then, at that point, the hair development and thickness improve, and you will see that the new hair develops is sound and has a decent appearance, which shows the advantages of plasma for hair.

How to Stop best clinic of Hair Fall Dubai & Abu Dhabi   How to Stop best clinic of Hair Fall in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   How to Stop best Hair Fall Dubai & Abu Dhabi

How to Stop best Hair Fall in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   How to Stop Hair Fall Dubai & Abu Dhabi   How to Stop Hair Fall in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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