How Long Does Lip Reduction Last in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Plump cheeks and face look good but it becomes too weird when it comes to your lips. Lips are an important part of your face and contribute much to its beauty. Located in the center of your face they assist in many functions. Lips help you to speak properly and also cover your inner oral cavity from different germs. If a person has plumper and voluminous lips it can cause hindrance to beauty. You can make the size of your lips small and give them a refined appearance by opting for a lip reduction procedure. Pay a visit to our clinic and know about How Long Does Lip Reduction Last in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is It?

It is the type of cosmetic surgery that is used to attain a normal and balanced size of both upper and lower lips. This technique works in a way that it alters the shape of lips without causing any damage to the function. You can attain a good facial appearance and enhance your lip size that suits well to your facial symmetry. 

Pre-Operative Measures:

There are certain pre-operative measures that you should follow before the procedure. You should get anesthesia 48 hours before lip reduction to avoid pain. Moreover, you should not eat blood thinners as that can cause more loss of blood. You should prevent smoking in order for fast recovery and effective results. 


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How it is Done?

This procedure is done after applying local anesthesia to your lips. Your healthcare provider will make an incision and remove the excess tissue that is accumulated on the upper lip. The cut is made on the inner side of the lips which is not visible from the front side. Removal of excess tissue will make the lips balanced and they will lie accurately over each other. The procedure takes one hour to complete and is less painful. Your lips get refined and you will notice the accurate shape and size of your lips according to your face. 


You need to follow some aftercare measures given by your doctor for more effective results. Following are some precautionary ideas that you should follow:

  • Do not come in direct contact with sunlight.
  • Apply sunblock on your lips and face when you go out.
  • Apply healing ointment such as Vaseline as given by your doctor on your lips. 
  • Eat pain killer if you feel discomfort and stinging on your lips.
  • It is better that you drink liquids until the lips recover completely.
  • Do not do intense exercise and lift heavy weights.
  • Make sure that you do not touch your lips as they may carry germs to them.
  • Use cold packs over the lips to reduce swelling.


Lip reduction carries manifold benefits. It is a popular procedure globally as it offers many advantages:

  • It is a less invasive procedure as the area is completely numbed.
  • This procedure is cost friendly as compared to other procedures.
  • It improves the quality of speech.
  • Your lips get accurate and lie completely over one another.
  • It gives you a more balanced and contoured look.
  • The symmetry of the lips gets accurate and the face gets in harmony.
  • Your lips structure gets more attractive and fits according to facial symmetry. 


It is reported that most patients recover from lip reduction in 1-3 weeks. But sometimes some patients can get back to routine immediately after having the procedure. 

How Long Do the Results Last?

The results of the lip are permanent and you will notice an appreciable reduction in lip mass and volume. This loss of mass lasts forever and you will attain perfect features that will increase your beauty and confidence. 

What to Expect?

You can expect to have pain, swelling, and redness due to stitches. these stitches are dissolvable and disappear on their own. The lips swell and bruising is also noticed. These are all minor side effects that will subside with time. 

Why Choose Us?

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