How Long Does Butt Lift Last in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Brazilian Butt

Surgery called a butt lift is used to remodel and enhance the appearance of the entire lower back and buttock region. In order to give the buttocks a rounder and more appealing appearance, this operation begins with liposuction to collect and concurrently remove fat cells from trouble spots. The gathered fat cells are then carefully moved to the buttocks in accordance with the patient’s requirements.

The body sculpting procedures carried out by our skilled team of estheticians are complex. Our specialists have the expertise to precisely locate, eliminate, and tone loose skin and stubborn fat deposits in diverse body regions. Our plastic surgeons possess the precision, focus, and great attention to detail required to carry out these procedures. Do you want to know How Long Does Butt Lift Last in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Who Is a Suitable Candidate?

Butt lifts are generally an option for patients who want to alter the tone of their buttocks, but it is advised that they be in generally good health to reduce the chance of complications. The procedure can take anywhere between 1.5 and 4 hours, depending on the patient’s desired appearance.


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How is the Procedure?

This procedure, known as buttock contouring, involves making small incisions in the buttock creases to rearrange tissues and trim excess flabby, sagging skin. As a result, the hips and buttocks area get more toned and neater, and the skin’s tone and color get healthier and more attractive. While an arthroplasty is more invasive than a lift without implants, it nevertheless enables you to give this area a lovely form. Sometimes a facelift is done in conjunction with liposuction. The recovery time following a lift is comparable to the recovery time following a buttock augmentation with implants, albeit reviews indicate that it goes a little more smoothly and painlessly.

Should I Get a Butt Lift?

A butt lift can change your life and give you a huge confidence boost, so for many people, it’s worth it. Women who have undergone a butt lift in Dubai report being astounded by the results and the buttocks’ natural appearance following the treatment and aftercare. Rest is necessary as soon as feasible following surgery to help bruises and swelling go away as rapidly as possible.

What Are the Long-Term Side Effects?

Butt lift patients run the danger of chronic adverse effects, such as discomfort, and the lumps under the skin occasionally turn into injectables. Of course, this is uncommon, and we rarely observe it taking place. All of our surgeons are highly skilled professionals with years of expertise. The issue is altered less with a butt lift than with buttock implants.

How Long Does It Last?

Now to answer the main question How Long Does Butt Lift Last in Dubai & Abu Dhabi a butt lift typically lasts for a very long time, but it is not permanent; rather, it is semi-permanent. Within a few years after surgery, which is far longer than the lifespan of the implants, patients will have their new buttocks. The Brazilian buttock lift is a more reliable and secure alternative.

Who Should Get This Treatment?

Our skin changes significantly as we age as a result of several lifestyle variables. Sleep, stress, exercise, food, and smoking are the 5 main elements that affect skin texture. These elements contribute to skin that is loose and less appealing. To make your bottom rounder and bouncy, fortunately, you may try our buttock enlargement methods. The best solution for buttock skin that is loose and sagging is a buttock lift. To get better results, the operation can be combined with other cosmetic procedures.

  • When considering a buttock lift,
  • Are obese and unable to reduce their weight by diet or activity
  • Want significant, long-lasting improvements to the way your buttocks look?
  • Want to give your buttocks a smoother, more contoured appearance?
  • For some months, your weight has been constant.

Why Choose Us?

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