Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

This disease is very common in men and women especially. It can not be cured without surgery. This usually appears in the form of baggy eyes or deposits of extra skin under the Lower Eyelid. This issue is not so critical so one can take Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.


This is a common type of muscle swelling on the upper and lower lid of the eye. Which let your eyes give a baggy shape. This disease is caused due to the inflammation of muscles underneath of lower lid of the eye and on tip of the upper lid of the eye which causes a stretchy behavior in your under and upper eye-lid skin which makes it look baggy or feels like something is forming extra underneath the lower lid or on tip of your eye. This blurs your sight and area of the vision and makes you feel a burden over your eye.


As a treatment for this problem, blepharoplasty is done in which incision is done on both the upper and lower eyelid to remove extra deposited fat or the excess skin to reform the eye size back to its original at possible extent.

Results Eyelid for Thyroid Eye Disease:

Exact results can be seen after 3 to 4 months due to the excessive swelling which remains for this period and takes time to get of. A visible difference can be seen between the photographs of before and after surgery results. Removal of excessive skin will give a better effect on vision as well as on the area of vision. People start feeling relaxed and confident after having surgery because they feel light weighted due to the removal of heavy baggy skin from the upper and lower lids.

Best Clinic of Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease Dubai   Best Clinic of Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease in Dubai   Best Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease Dubai

Best Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease in Dubai   Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease Dubai   Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease in Dubai

Before Surgery:

  • Precautionary measures are taken before the surgery.
  • The dermatologist give a full inspection to the patient in the first session a week before the session
  • Recommend to stop the medication making your blood thinner to avoid any risk of bleeding at the time of surgery
  • Recommend to avoid smoking to avoid the case of weak healing of your surgery cuts.
  • A health care questionnaire is given to you to complete which is brief about your medical health such as if you are taking any botox injections or any nonsurgical aesthetic therapy.
  • Avoid using unnecessary eyedrops for any other purposes.
  • The blood pressure test is done necessarily to avoid any complications.
  • Sometimes diabetes test is also taken in case of severe healing problems of diabetic patients.


Treatment is performed over the upper and lower lid of the eye by making an incision into it. First of all local anesthesia is induced to the patient’s treatment area to let him awake and stop the movement of the eyeball and eyelids. If the person is having this issue on the upper eyelid then a small incision is made over there and excess skin is removed from it by making sure that the skin remains able to blink and does not make the over dry by staying a bit more open than usual. 

If the person is facing lower eyelids bagginess then the incision is done under there and excess skin or extra fat is removed from there.

After surgery, the treated area is stitched with tape stitching and the bandage is done over it. The patients are asked to open their eyes once to check the after effect of surgery or to if there is any irritation.


  • The dressing is removed after 1 to 2 weeks
  • Proper medication is given for fast healing recovery.
  • Eye ointments are given if the patient is feeling dryness in the eyes due to the operation.
  • After the dressing is removed swelling remains there for more than a month.
  • A mild touch is allowed on the incision area to make them clean with safety with luke water using cotton bid or soft cloth.

Why Choose Us?

As eye surgery is a very censorious treatment so everyone prefers to visit an expert eye specialist to ensure their safety with guaranteed work. Visit our Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai for Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Then what are you waiting for? Go and get a very first free consultation about your eye problems from our expert Dermatologists.