Eyelid Surgery for Arabian Eye Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

The eyes are the top most beautiful organ of your body. No matter how you dress up but your eyes will always be prominent out of your look. Are you facing the problem of baggy eyes? Not an issue. Medical Science has revolutionized this world. Now you can shape yourself exactly according to you. You can go for an Eyelid Surgery for Arabian Eye in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


It is a procedure used to remove fat or baggy eye effect from the upper and lower eyelid by incision. This process is also used to remove fat from the eyes and for the sake of clear vision which is blurred due to sagging eye bags. This treatment is also taken for cosmetic reasons such as making your eyes prettier with Arabian or Asian look or for small eyes to make them vide open.

Best age For Undergoing the Surgery?

For undergoing eyelid surgery the best age is above 30 because it is the time when your eyelids start sagging or giving baggy look in nature. But if a person wants to have it then dermatologists recommend at least 18 years of age to go through this procedure.

Before Procedure:

  • Before the surgery dermatologists give a brief medical or physical checkup to the client.
  • Check the eyelid section for surgery.
  • Give brief inspections of eye vision.
  • Recommend to stop smoking because it slows down the process of healing
  • Warn to stop medications at least 1 week before the surgery. That let the blood thinner so for the sake to stop bleeding at the time of surgery. (ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, warfarin etc )
  • Arrange someone to support you after surgery.


First dermatologists induce local anesthesia which will numb the eye surface so the eye will not be able to move under the influence of anesthesia but the patient is still conscious and in senses out there during the Eyelid Surgery Dubai.

Then the incision is done on the upper eyelid which is given a curved to shaped like Arabian eyes and the excess fat is removed out of there. Not the eyes start looking long and curved from the top side but stilly baggy from the downside under the lower eyelid.

Now an incision is done under the lower eyelid. Fat is also removed from there if necessary. It is given a long stretched look like an Arabic one. Lower eyelid surgery is more complicated and takes more time than the upper one. After the surgery, the incision area is stitched with tape and dressed up for healing.

The overall surgery took an hour to be completed. Then the patient is allowed to open his eyes for once to check the results. Although the eye area is quite swelling due to surgery.


  • The bandage is removed in a few days.
  • Ointments for the eye are used for clear vision
  • Gels are given to use over the incision area for healing purposes.
  • Medications are given to take after surgery for healing of skin from inside.


  • Patients may feel watery eyes and a bit of sensitivity in eyes for this it is recommended to avoid sunlight or UV rays.
  • Recommend to avoid swimming.
  • Avoid using the arms for heavy works and to and forth.
  • Revisit to your dermatologists for removal of stitches
  • To reduce eye swelling use cool aids.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Sleep straight and place your head in a higher position.


The results of Eye Surgery may last life longer for some people. Many people feel self-esteemed and confident after taking the surgery and feel a visible difference before and after surgery.

Some people may doesn’t appreciate the look at first so needed to have done it one more time but these results are so rare because it is an easy and safe technique to give a bolder Arabian look to your eyes so an unexpected result has no percentage.

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Why Choose Us?

The eye is a very sensitive matter to handle. Because there comes the sensitivity of your sense of vision. So don’t go here and there to destroy your time, money, and your beauty. Get a free consultation right away at your very own Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai and meet expert eye dermatologist Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya to get an Eyelid Surgery for Arabian Eye in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.