Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

Men often face issues with the Erectness of the penile which directly affects their sexual life as well as the reproduction procedure. People hide these intimate issues due to society’s pressure and lack of confidence.  Our clinic is providing a private consultancy with specialists which will let you know about the efficacy and the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.


The actual cost of this treatment can only be determined by consulting the urologist get advised as per your condition but the estimated cost can be calculated on a few aspects such as:

  • Severity of Dysfunction:

The level of severity defines the number of efforts required to solve the problem as there are multiple types of treatment available for the solution of this issue so if injectable is taken as a solution then it means that the severity of the dysfunction is about moderate to minimal so for those with the minimum issue a single injection or shot can be enough for the whole time but those with the moderate issue have to get an injectable multiple time when needed so this severity explains the difference in cost for different patients.

  • Urologist Experience:

The level of urologists’ experience defines the charges of the services provided by them. Higher the experience means higher the cost because of guaranteed results provided by the doctor.

  • Type of Treatment Selected:

There are 3 types of treatments available for treating this issue so the type chosen for the treatment defines the cost.

  • Clinic’s Location:

The location of the clinic is also important in defining the cost because it defines the type and standard of gentry being living in the clinical area because high standard gentry asks for side protocols so the cost increases when including those services.

  • Quality of Service:

Quality of the procedure also defines the cost as the same procedure is provided in different clinics but the difference in quality identifies the difference in the cost of treatment.

  • Estimated Charges:

An estimate of the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost in Dubai can be expected between AED 4000 to AED 6000 for P-Shot, AED 1500 to AED 2000 for Low-intensity shock wave therapy, and AED 30,000 to AED 50,000 for Penile Implant

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Hiding such intimate problems due to societal pressure can not bring you any cure or relief. You must have to talk about it with specialists. Our expert urologists at Enfield Royal Clinic are quite famous for their amazing services with guaranteed outcomes. Our doctors know how to treat your such private issues with privacy and delicacy. So don’t be shy over these intimate problems and get these discussed with us. And you will be cost nothing for having our expert’s first consultation.

Dr. Matt Stefanelli

Dr. Matt Stefanelli is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon based in Dubai. He is a fully qualified and double-certified European and French specialist, an expert in aesthetic, medical procedures for the whole body with a particular interest in genital and buttock aesthetics.

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