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It is an auto-immune disorder that happened because the cells of the skin work faster than their normal speed. When the basic cells reach the surface of the skin & die and they begin to build up. According to our Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Psoriasis, the collection of the cells that are dead on the surface of the skin appears as increased, with red patches covered with scales that are white. 

What Triggers Them:

  • Cuts.
  • Sunburn.
  • Inflammation.
  • Infection.
  • Smoking.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • A few medications.
  • Deficiency of vitamin D.

What are the Symptoms?

Following are quoted the indications:

  • Dry skin.
  • Soreness. 
  • Joints that are stiff or swollen.
  • Inflammation or itching.
  • Red patches of the skin.

Types of Psoriasis:

  • Erythrodermic: These are rare, but cover the complete body with red, peeling, burning, or itchy rash. 
  • Guttate: In these conditions, the lesions are in the form of drops & are covered. This mostly impacts adolescents & children. In addition, they are mostly triggered by bacterial infections. 
  • Inverse: This is a condition, where red patches and inflamed skin is soft. This condition might result from a fungal infection & it usually impacts the skin on the underarms, beneath the breast, & near the genitals. 
  • Nail: As the name indicates, this form impacts the nails or the fingers & toes, forcing abnormal growth, with pitting & discoloration. Moreover, the nails of the individual may loosen & separate from the nail bed. 
  • Plaque: They are marked by raised, dry, itchy, or painful lesions of the skin covered by white scales. In addition, they can occur on any part of the body, including the mouth. 
  • Pustular: These are pus-filled blisters & are occurred in huge areas or even smaller areas. They may disappear & reappear repeatedly.

Our Best Dermatologist:

At our clinic, we have the Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Psoriasis, Dr. Dina Elyamani, she is a well-trained and experienced aesthetic doctor who is capable of enhancing the beauty according to the expectation of the candidate. She is one of the top-ranked cosmetic general physicians and carries a variety of proficiency in the field of dermatology. Moreover, she provides a very comfortable environment that makes the client able to share their concerns and scrape off their issues.

What is the Process?

The process is carried out mostly by light therapy & cryotherapy at Enfield Royal Dermatology Clinic. The therapy of light includes a beam of ultraviolet light on the skin of the individual which eases the client to lessen the dimension, itchiness, & visibility of the plaque.

In the process of cryotherapy, the cold liquid is utilized to freeze & then damage the undesired cells of the skin or tissues that are diseased and require elimination. This is the most effective & safest method for treating the following issue.

Pros and Cons:

Below are mentioned the benefits & risks that are affiliated with the process.

The Pros The Cons
Reduces inflammation. Soreness. 
Clear skin. Swelling. 
Confidence is enhanced. Minimal pain.
Effective & visible results. Stiffness. 

A Note from Our Clinic!

At our location, we have the Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Psoriasis. So stop worrying and get the treatment to scrape away the issue. We assure to deliver you the best and most effective treatment that will last for a longer time. Book us right now by filling out the below form and have the perks!