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Having moles on the skin can cause discomfort or irritation. Sometimes, they can be a source of cancerous cell formation otherwise they are just normal. Mole Removal is a cosmetic procedure that can be done to remove the mole at the clinic. Most of the time the moles are not dangerous and people only opt to remove them because they do not want to have them on their body parts. The only reason to eliminate them is cosmetic reasons. After the removal, the skin looks more fine and clean. To get the best procedure, you can come to the Best Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for Mole Removal where you will find the most reasonable and mesmerizing results!

What is Mole Removal?

A procedure that is used to remove the moles from the skin of a person. It is carried by a cut or incision. The dermatologist first removes the hair present on the affected area and then withdraws the mole from the skin. If we talk about the appearance of a mole it appears pink or brown formed in the teens or already there on the body from birth. These moles are sometimes flat or sometimes raised. The moles can be located anywhere on the body like the arms, feet, hands, face, and legs. With this treatment, individuals can get rid of these moles. The removal of these moles may be due to their dangerous risks or unliking of the candidate.

Results of the Treatment:

The removal of moles by this procedure makes people satisfied in their life and their skin appear more smooth and clear. The results will be there for permanent. The outcomes of the treatment are admirable & mesmerizing. The experience of the dermatologist plays an important role in deciding the final results.

What are the Benefits of Treatment:

If we talk about the advantages of the treatment these are as follows:

  • It will become easy to shave after the process
  • The skin will become clear, smooth, and fine
  • Skin irritation will get reduced after the procedure
  • You will get safe in the future from different medical problems
  • The pain will be relieved after the treatment

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Mole Removal?

When you are opting for the treatment you should have the following attributes. We are offering this treatment in our clinic and everyone can get benefited from this. Other characteristics for the procedure are as follows:

  • If you have a mole on your skin and want to remove it
  • You are feeling any pain in that mole
  • People who consider this mole a discomfort 
  • When you have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • You should be an adult 
  • You want to gain confidence
  • Desire to have a clean and smooth skin


Different types of treatments are available in our clinic for mole removal. These are as follows:

  • Cutting:

To carry out this surgical procedure the doctor will first apply anesthesia to the patient. Scissors & a scalpel are used to cut the skin and then to remove the mole. The doctor applies markings  on the skin and then cut the skin. After the incisions and cuts, the stitches will be done to close the skin. When the stitches will be cured, a scar may form in that place. 

  • Freezing:

When the moles of a person are not grown much and are not cancerous then the doctor uses this technique so that the mole gets frozen. The component which is used to cause freezing in this technique is the nitrogen liquid. This treatment will leave a small scar on the skin. 

  • Laser Treatment:

This procedure uses a laser beam that is inserted into the skin causing the destruction of the mole. This treatment requires around two to three sessions to get completely vanish. One of the privileges of the treatment is that it can be done in sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, and nose part. The results of the treatment are perfect like other methods. 

Best Clinic in Dubai for Mole Removal:

When you want to do the treatment for your moles you should choose the best clinic for this. We in our Enfield Royal SkinCare Clinic have professionals that are experts in this field and know exactly how to carry out the process. Your experience will be really unforgettable here. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for you so that you can have the treatment while being comfortable. You will even get advice for the pre-procedure and the aftercare of the treatment. The cost of our treatments is also in range and affordable. 

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