Back Acne Treatment Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal Clinic

Acne on the back and shoulders spoil the appearance, causing discomfort in women and men, prompting them to choose closed clothes even in summer.

And most importantly, they can signal the presence of various diseases from endocrine to neurological. Therefore, such rashes should be treated carefully. And you must find a good Back Acne Treatment Clinic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for the proper treatment.

How to Get Rid of Back Acne?

In the fight against the many manifestations of acne, there is an important rule that you must first identify the cause of their occurrence. Therefore, you should consult a dermatologist and get treatment at a renowned clinic.

On the recommendation of your doctor, you may be offered the following treatment options:


Liquid nitrogen acts on the skin with cold while blocking nerve impulses. During the procedure, the doctor moistens a cotton pad in liquid nitrogen and very gently treats acne-affected areas of the skin.

Thanks to nitrogen, the skin is cleansed of bacteria, the peripheral blood supply improves, edema is relieved, metabolic processes are accelerated, redness and inflammation are stopped. For maximum effect, you will need 10 to 12 procedures.

Mechanical Cleaning:

For people with oily skin and frequent breakouts, facial cleansing is recommended regularly. Getting deep cleaning once a month will allow deep cleansing and exfoliation of the top layer of the skin, allowing the sebaceous ducts to be released to the very base.

Laser Treatment:

Lasers can be real salvation in the period of exacerbation of acne and the appearance of new pimples. The procedure relieves acne punctually, without leaving marks, and without affecting healthy areas of skin. During the treatment, the pores are narrowed, the skin relief becomes smoother, scars and age spots from acne are eliminated.


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Where to Get Acne Treated in Dubai?

For any treatment, you have several options for techniques and clinics. However, you must pick the best choice for immediate results and effective procedures.

At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai, our trained and professional staff offers excellent services at the most affordable rates.  You get the following benefits by providing yourself the luxury of being treated at our clinic:

  • We offer free initial consultations, which will help you decide if the treatment you want is the right one for you or not. The doctor will have a detailed session with you to discuss your desired results and explore all possibilities.
  • An individual approach is created for every person, and the aim is to eliminate the problem and the underlying causes of the problem in the body. The treatment plan is drawn before giving any kind of medication.
  • The clinic employs doctors of various specialties trained in well-known international institutes.
  • In complicated cases, we have the opportunity to consult with foreign experts.
  • The clinic is equipped with the latest generation of diagnostic and therapeutic devices.
  • We offer scientifically proven anti-aging therapy options. Thanks to her, it is possible to restore women’s and men’s health at different periods of life.
  • The clinic has a convenient location at a posh location in Dubai.
  • Enfield Royal Clinic’s anti-aging programs allow you to preserve the quality of the skin, slow down the aging of internal organs, stop the development of age-related diseases, and most importantly, improve the quality of life for many years.


Acne on the back appears due to a disruption in the normal functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands. This is typical for people of transitional age when hormonal changes occur in the body, which is reflected in changes in the epidermis. Enfield Royal SkinCare Clinic is the Best Back Acne Treatment Clinic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Contact us by filling out the consultation form below to book a Free appointment.