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Avail services of our Advanced Hair Studio in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and say hello to thicker, fuller hair.

Hair loss is not something you should spend the rest of your life with. We offer FDA-approved treatments such as PRP, mesotherapy, lasers, GFC, and more to manage hair loss within days What’s more, you don’t have to suffer the stress of hair fall and planning an expensive Hair Transplant Dubai. Take a few minutes to read this blog about how we can save your life from hair loss.

Hair Fall Causes & Solutions:

It is believed that men and women experiencing abnormal hair loss are related to hormones, genetics, or stress. But it’s not something to lose hope for. Doctors now offer many medically approved ways to effectively treat hair loss in a few days. The technology behind hair loss treatments has improved over the years, but it’s worth noting that not every treatment is right for every patient. Among hundreds of hair loss remedies, we highly recommend choosing the one that suits you. Below are the treatments that our specialists suggest to grow hair back.


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Getting the concerns clear of cost is always a good idea. We at Advanced Hair Studio in Dubai & Abu Dhabi make sure our patients don’t worry about the cost when the bill comes in later. We clear everything related to prices in advance so that there is no doubt or confusion.

Please speak directly with our doctor about the cost of the procedure you are planning to have with us.

Top Hair Loss Specialists at Enfield Royal:

We offer a wide range of hair loss treatment services from the best hair specialists. We are a team of experts working on powerful technologies to achieve amazing results. We are focused on bringing innovative ideas to meet the latest needs in the fight against hair loss. Whether it is using an advanced laser or implementation of complex hair transplant techniques; our experts can help you by all means.

Finding out the cause of the condition leads to more effective treatment. Dermatologists and trichologists at the Royal Clinic undergo a complete examination and make the correct diagnosis to create a unique treatment plan. So, if you are worried about hair loss, contact us.

What Makes us Unique?

We have a ten-year history of excellence in hair loss treatment. We are one of the best hair loss, regrowth, or hair loss treatment clinics in Dubai, recognized as a top-notch Advanced Hair Studio in Dubai UAE. Hundreds of unique solutions to permanently stop hair loss set us apart from the rest. If you are suffering from genetic or hormonal hair loss, we can help you. The hair specialists who work with us, like Sannia, focus on innovative ideas to bring benefit by all means. The team believes that hair care should be taken as seriously as skincare and should not be neglected.

Book your slots timely and get all your concerns inquired.