Why Would You Need A Gynecologist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Whether you are a young woman or somebody who struggling with sexual problems of womanhood. We are offering our best services to mentally prepare you for the physical changes that occur during a woman’s life span. If you are planning to give birth or do you want a gap year or two between your children? There is special medical care and facilities for every path or intimate moment of your life. Discover more about; Why Would You Need A Gynecologist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And find out more details on; Gynecologist In Dubai.

Who Is A Gynecologist?

This is a special doctor who is specialized in the field of female reproductive health. Their goal is to diagnose and determine suitable treatment options for the ideal candidates. The treatment revolves around the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and breasts. This medical services and treatment plan is available for anyone aged between 15 and onwards. Your Gynecologist will introduce you to several non-invasive and invasive methods to target and treat your sexual concerns. 

Why Do I Need To Consult My Gynecologist?

If you are somebody with female organs and you have been sexually active lately. Or there have been some complications with your sexual health. This is the right time for you to seek a board-certified expert’s help as soon as possible. Below are a few case scenarios that require immediate aid and assistance;

  • Troubles with missed or delayed periods.
  • Sudden vaginal discharge or other sex-related problems.
  • Any sudden infection or rash after your menstruation cycle.
  • Sexual issues or other transmitted disease such as; STDs is bothering you.
  • Birth Control method and candidacy.
  • Vaccine course for personal care.
  • Family planning or pregnancy bearing.
  • Pediatric or Adolescent care.
  • Pelvic pain and treatment options,
  • Or other Reconstruction surgeries.

What Happens During The Appointment?

There is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to your personal hygiene and health. The appointment is your opportunity to ask away all your concerns and questions. Below is a general outline of what to expect at the consultation;

  • You get to choose whether you are comfortable with a male or female doctor.
  • He/She will perform a detailed analysis using some special manual or automatic tools to determine the health.
  • There are vaccinations for disease prevention that are prescribed to you for a period of time. Also, some candidates are put on birth control pills to gain maximum comfort during their decision-making time.
  • In case of any detection of the problem, the specialist will sign you up for the recommended therapy or treatment.
  • For those who are in good health, you are upgraded to an annual visit to your Gynecologist to continuously have a check and balance of your body.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Seeing This Health Specialist?

There are numerous positive impacts to consulting a Gynecologist In Dubai. Below are some long-term advantages for you;

  • Ladies can keep a record of their fertility. And you get the option to freeze your eggs for future family planning as well. 
  • Pregnant women can seek adequate knowledge about their fetus growth. Or learn new information about child delivery as a new mother.
  • In case of any underlying problem, an up-to-date analysis will prevent or prepare you for the tests and treatments. 
  • Your overall reproductive health is secured and safeguarded. There are various vaccinations to target and treat endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cysts, and even pelvic pain problems during intercourse or menstruation.
  • You can also manage and hold the record of your present period cycle and menopause for pregnancy planning.
  • Furthermore, there are screening tests and other monitoring before and after menstrual cycles to secure you from sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • On top of that, in case of any bleeding disorder during your periods or pregnancy, special care and assistance are provided on time to prevent any risks.
  • And finally, you will feel comfortable about your health and safety. Not only are you updated to the latest vaccine but also upgraded to live a better lifestyle. 

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