What are the Risks of Ceramic Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Similar to conventional metal braces, ceramic braces realign, correct, and straighten the teeth. However, because they are less obvious, ceramic braces have gained popularity as an alternative.

Regarding their capacity to straighten teeth, ceramic braces and metal braces are very similar. Significant misalignments like an overbite may be treated with their assistance. Ceramic braces are hard to see from a distance. Because ceramic braces make people feel less self-conscious about wearing them than metal braces, some adults prefer to wear them. Read more about What are the Risks of Ceramic Braces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Ceramic Braces: What are they?

The first ceramic braces appeared in 1987. They are made of aluminum oxide, which ranks 9/10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, just below diamonds, in its most prevalent natural form of corundum. The patient’s teeth are covered with adhesive before the brace brackets are attached. Brackets can be created from ceramic, stainless steel, or other materials. An archwire joins the brackets and bands and regulates the movement of the teeth.

The fact that ceramic braces are less obvious than metal braces make them a popular option. However, they do have some drawbacks, which is why some people could opt for braces made of both metal and ceramic.

Suitable Candidates for Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces may be an excellent choice for you if all of your adult teeth have come in and you have finished growing. You may be sure of a prompt correction and a lower chance of brackets breaking as a consequence of the pressure of tooth movement by ensuring that your tooth development is at its strongest.

How is the Therapy Carried Out?

During this procedure, the dentist will place the braces on each patient’s teeth using an elastic band and a metal archwire. Depending on the wearer’s requirements, this archwire may occasionally be replaced with a silver one.

The ceramic bracing must be installed in around 20 to 30 minutes. About a week passes while the person adjusts to the new addition to his or her teeth. These braces are most effective for realigning teeth and perform well when worn for longer periods by the user.

What rules Apply following Treatment?

Following the removal of braces, the wearer must use retainers. These retainers assist in maintaining the shape and position of the teeth since, if improper care is not taken of them, they may shift once braces are removed. Retainers assist in maintaining the position and shape of the teeth because the force diminishes the moment the braces are taken off.


The advantages of ceramic braces are as follows:

  • Invisible compared to conventional metal braces
  • A quicker alternative to clear aligners
  • Better for those who have a mental allergy
  • Less metal makes them preferable for those who need medical imaging examinations.


If you want to know What are the Risks of Ceramic Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? Keep on reading:

Greater Bulk:

Ceramic brackets could be bigger than metal brackets and less comfortable for some people.

Simple to Stain:

Ceramic brackets may quickly stain when exposed to substances like red wine, coffee, and cola, according to certain studies. This proof came from laboratory tests, and more research should be conducted.

Enamel Demineralization:

Early research revealed that ceramic braces had a higher propensity to reduce the mineral content of tooth enamel than metal braces. But since this was a lab experiment, more research is required.

Less Robust:

Ceramic bracing could crack or chip. You should talk to your orthodontist or dentist about this if you participate in contact sports frequently. Wear a mouthguard when playing sports, regardless of the style of braces you ultimately choose.

Harder to Eliminate:

Ceramic brackets are less flexible than metal ones, making them more prone to breakage. Ceramic bracket pieces could inadvertently be aspirated or ingested. Additionally, compared to metal brackets, these brackets take more force to remove. So, it might make people feel worse.

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